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Excavation / dig out


The dreamt attempt to dig out something stranger expresses the endeavours of the dreaming to reveal a side of itself which he does not understand yet (better selfexamination), learns to understand in particular edged out psychic contents which maybe lead to mental disturbances. Every now and then one discovers knowledge and skills in himself and other which must be dug out, nevertheless, only with difficulty, before they can be used. Know the dreaming, nevertheless, what he looks for, it is a matter for him of uncovering aspects of his personality which he has edged out. Importantly with such dreams is the memory: What was dug out in which state it was how it has felt etc.? Such a mental searching action could be worthwhile. Not seldom tips arose from it which finish a conflict situation - or could anew animate an uncompleted respect again. Digging out some objects or even of a corpse, hangs together causally with the bad conscience of the dreamer, with his imbalance and internal restlessness in the awake life. Often it also circumscribes the fear that something could come to light which would remain better buried. The interpretation often still to be read is trivial that one will find a treasure, one should not count on it really.


At the spiritual level the dreaming is able to position himself to his concealed Independently if he is ready to take care of more depth.



  • earth or a tree: you have to master difficult works,
  • something: Treasure acquire or the arrival of desired letters, - thinks, because you have forgotten something what dates back long what might be, however, just now for you from the big value. If you find it, you succeed.

(European ones).:

  • a lot of work and gainful activity, - a treasure is acquired or arrival of a letter,
  • dig a hole and into a glittering substance bump: if an advantageous turn,
  • promises
  • dig and into a dark hole bump: are tormented by big misfortune and with dark portents are fulfilled,
  • fills the hole with water: Matters will run in spite of the biggest strains not by your will,
  • dead people dig out: bad conscience and bad conduct.
(See also ditch, excavation)

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