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Association: - female strength, - fear of the female identity. Question: - Where am I ready to express more of my natural strength?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Lunar time, - bleeding, - flow, - holy, - emotionally, - clear connection with the big mind, - the female, - the shades, - deep understanding, - thin veils between the worlds, - lunar hut. Description: The menstruation is the phase in the cycle of a woman in whom she pushes off the blood which she preserved in the first part of the cycle of her womb. For many erdbezogen trunks the time in which a woman bled indicated especially strong connection with the energy of the earth. In a row of traditions this time was felt as holy for the women, a phase in which she is receptive very much to dreams and visions of all kind. General meaning: Accepting the perfection of your femininity, - sign for the fact that you are ready to examine your female nature or your shade - a dream which indicates the actual beginning her Menarche and with women the beginning of her menstruation with girl. Transcendent meaning: Lifting the veil between the worlds, - a clear connection with the big mind, - gift of a vision.

In general:

Menstruation in the dream means that the dreaming with his creative side which can develop new ideas and create miraculous 'children' from an easy material steps in contact. The secret of the life and the genital desire reach with the help of this picture in the consciousness of the dreaming. If a Mrs. von Menstruation or menopause dreams, this can also mean the fear of the end of the active life, but also the promise of a new life without burdens (e.g., without children), - it could reflect even fear of the end of the sexual life.


Because the menstruation is such a central part in the life of a woman, she symbolises in the dream of a woman the acceptance of her developing sexuality. Nevertheless, in the dream of a man the menstruation can draw the attention of him to his fear of deep relations and of his female side or emphasise, however, his need for the development of sensitivity.


At the spiritual level the menstruation in the dream symbolises the circle of the life and everything what is puzzling with women. (See also the thirteenth moon, half moon, moon, crescent, new moon, full moon)

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