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Stomach trouble

In general:

If the dreaming feels feeling of sickness in his dream, this is called that he has a bad feeling of which he must get rid. If the dreaming vomits, he escapes from this bad feeling. One should not expect himself too much or carry out too much. One has not digested emotionally a little bit yet or can digest. Possibly form the basis of the dream in the everyday life problems with a respect or a certain situation.


The dreaming is controlled very strongly by his emotions. The stomach of the person functions like a nerve centre which reacts very strongly to negative charms. In the dream these connections often express themselves as a feeling of sickness or vomiting.


At this level stomach trouble in the dream symbolises very big spiritual pressure to which the dreaming possibly exposes himself.



  • suffer from it: Entry of discomfort of all kind, - grief and worries.

(European ones).:

  • have: one should not expect himself too much, because one has not digested an old problem yet, - one should span in a certain matter not the curve,
  • are tormented by a stomach complaint: own position is weakened at the moment and losses threaten.


  • stomach trouble has: your irregular life-style brings you to damage.
(See also vomiting, illness, stomach,' feeling of sickness')

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