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It is mostly the fair of the vanities which is played to us by our unconscious. The loud activity reminds us of societies on which we do not feel fine, the bustle with which is traded here, to many imponderabilities with which we deal in the life. Fair often contains also the request not to take seriously the life to, to itself not every joy, to refuse every pleasure. However, at the same time can be warned also about frivolous expenditures which exceed the budget. If we saunter alone above the fair, we regard ourselves in the everyday life a little loveless treated.



  • see or on it are: your business will blossom.
  • visit: you will get to do it with many people.

(European ones).:

  • one almost the life wrong on and should change,
  • promises happy parties and expenditures, distant connection with many people who could use us,
  • on one be: if brings mental grief and worries,
  • on one make purchases: one will spend money.

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