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Healing / cure

Association: - Restoration, - recovery. Question: - Where in my life I am ready for the Heilwerdung?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Remedy, - recovery. Description: The healing is a process in which a living being recovers from an illness or an injury, no matter whether physically, spiritually, emotionally or spiritually. General meaning: The actual gift of the healing, - something finish, - a new chance. Association: - Transcendent meaning: An actual gift of the healing.


A dreamt healing process is mostly more real also quite: An injured feeling is healthy again, has healed a 'mental wound' well - a grief mastered. However, it are also reported over and over again dreams in which a doctor or healer appears who informs a personal health tip. This may concern the everyday life-style of the dreaming or be a remedial method which is informed of him. The tallness (356 - in 323 B.C.) tells about the makedonischen ruler Alexander a famous legend of a remedial dream of the antiquity his friend Ptolemäus (not to mistake for the Greek astronomer who lived about 200 years earlier) on a poisoned arrow was wounded and was dying. In his camp Alexander got a dream in which his mother fed a fish on a root unknown to him. This fish showed Alexander at it where that root is to be found and said him that this root saved the life of his friend. Alexander searched for this dream the root and gave them Ptolemäus which became healthy on it again. Follow, besides: Healing in the dream begins not necessarily with wise men or women who hand recipes or herbs in the dream to you. Often it are turned around extremely quiet dream scenes or, especially combative dream sequences which tell of a beginning healing: There a wall is jumped over or something defective is repaired, - maybe a river is swum through, an opposition is defeated or avoided, a door opened, a mess is cleared up. Something dives from the water or from the sinking up. Light at the end of the tunnel. A flower blossoms. A crane lifts something upwards. Something new and unusual is found in old-close surroundings. There something thaws, one has escaped from an abyss... and many other variations more! If one dreams of the fact that after longer illness a healing enters, this is a symbol for a positive psychic development. However, one must also handle here carefully with the newly originating forces and may not demand too much of himself.


About remedial instructions in the dream to do a critical investigation, namely about the fact that the gods prescribe people for treatments of illnesses is pointless, - then largely is the number of those which have been cured in Pergamon, in Alexandreia and at other places by dream instructions, - there are even people who explain, the medical art owes her origin to such instructions. The fact that, however, the remedial dreams which certain people tape are extremely ridiculous, is probably clear to everybody which owns only a little healthy common sense, - then they tape not this what one really looks, but only her own imaginations. If because one says, it would be meant to people in winter Nereidenbrühe (A soup from mussels (pelorides) = mussels like, with a wordplay, sea miracle, i.e. Nereiden and sea nymphs. Because, however, the instruction was given in winter, it must be a soup from Venus's shells (cheimai = chemai).) as a recipe been prescribed, so he apparently believes on grounds of an arbitrary choice, the Cheimai are better than the Pelorides... And they call 'of the wake-up voice brain' the brain of the cock, 'of biting Indians' the pepper, 'virgin's milk' the tear and 'star blood' the dew, 'kretisches sheep' the quince and similar chimeras not to lose about that words any more, - then one should not digress from the subject, while one denounces the empty gossip more different, - it is enough to disprove such Phantastereien with scanty words in the form of the example. If they tape now such nonsense, they reveal with whose mind child they are, i.e. they get on better how to invent to dream face, than how to understand the philanthropy of the gods, - one single example of a really so looked face on us has not come because. I am persuaded that the gods to whom they impute such silly stuff with these Phantasten are angry rightly because they repeat erroneously taste aberration, guile and stupidity after them. What concerns, however, the dream instruction of the gods so you will find out that they simply surrender and no riddles, - then the gods prescribe under the generally usual names ointments or Einreibungen, dishes or drinks, however, they speak really once in riddles, frees itself her Rätselsprache very easily. Thus dreamt, e.g., a woman who suffered from a breast inflammation, it is nursed by a sheep. She rested the elbows sheep tongue and was cured. With what remedial cure you also deal always, whether you find out them by own interpretation or look at the same on account of the interpretation of another than confirmed, you will find out in closer check that it is medically the only right one and does not stand with the knowledge the scientific remedial customer in the contradiction. Thus Fronto (M dreamt. Cornelius Fronto (in 100-166 A.D.) was the bedeutenste speaker of his time. He informed the EMPERORS M. AURELIUS Antonius and L. Verus in Latin eloquence.) the furnace mouth-fragile who had asked the gods for a remedial cure he goes for a walk in the suburb. Now he can be rubbed with beeswax and was completely cured in this manner (wordplay: propolis means suburb as well as beeswax). So takes care in accordance with your possibility as I advised you quite several times to use the knowledge the scientific remedial customer. Follow still the following: If receive people who are not ill, still generally pains have, any remedial instruction in the dream or take them a piece of the battle victim or fire victim as protective means, they will fall ill or get a suffering in any body part, - then remedies need not healthy, but sick people. Here still the following tip: Holds you to my interpretations and to my draught and take as an example to you no tasteless interpretations, even if you should find recognition for it at somebody. Further does not clip you to one single syllable, so that you commit no mistakes and thereby come to bad call. Thus dreamt, e.g., somebody who was laid low ill, he looks a certain Peison. This indicated to him one as a big security and healing, moreover, he prophesied to him, outgoing from the first syllable of the word Peison (Pei, the first syllable of the name in the Greek one iota = 80 + 5 + 10) proves 95 = Pi + Epsilon +, he will live 95 years. The man who had had the dream face died nevertheless of just this illness. Since he had dreamt that this Peison brings him ointments, however, these mean to an ill evil because one gives in a burial to late ointments. Faith, nevertheless, not that the dream experience of the shipowner is a comparable case to this. Somebody answered his question whether he comes to Rome to him: 'No' (Greek (ou) Y = passes of Omikron + 70 + 400 = 470). Anyhow he came after 470 days there, - it makes because no difference whether one says the number or only the word which proves this number.



  • Your worries soon pass.
(See also doctor, hospital, illnesses, operation)

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