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A symbolic shape for the practical conversion of ideas and for energy in the everyday area.


Everything what the crafts mean if one dreams to exercise them, the craftsmen, her workshops and tools also mean and only concerning the tools a slight differentiation is to be followed, - then all tools which cut and divide mean Zwistigkeiten, turmoil and losses, while those which join and connect prophesy material advantages, marriages and communities, however, a trip thwart. The tools which smooth, stretch simple Feindschaften, - those, which or which Just register bring concealed. So are in my view the field measuring art and also the surveyors if one looks them in the dream, in this regard of good premeaning.



  • your diligence will further you.

(European ones).:

  • often announces a contented future with modest luck if one works hard and puts none to high claims,
  • see standing together: if announces a meeting whose result will be only a quarrel and quarrel
  • operate with it and speak: if good work and sure salary promises.

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