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Half moon

medicine wheel:

Key words: Growing understanding of the female, the shade, - slowly the opportunity of the change and river seize. Description: Half moon is when the moon, exactly between full moon and new moon, half a disc in the night sky appears. General meaning: The first steps make to understand parts of your being to examine you have been afraid before, - growing understanding of the female, - growing understanding of the shade, - which take up own intensity in themselves. Association: Landmarks of Islam. Transcendent meaning: Gift of lunar energy, - gift of the female.


Increasing half moon promises after altindischen dream springs that young love will increase. However, it is also possible that the feelings decrease bit by bit with decreasing half moon. Sometimes he points out to the fact that one should follow more the intuition.



  • decreasing: your love will cool off, - misfortune in love and marriage, - (3, 17) also: you have achieved your aim and can rest,
  • increasingly: your chances grow, success in the love.


  • the love increases.
(See also geometrical figures, moon, crescent, new moon, full moon, menstruation)

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