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In general:

If in the dream a certain position is emphasised, this symbolises as a rule the moral position or the life position of the dreaming. Such dream symbols can also contain tips as he handles with certain situations in his life.


The directions often escape us in the dream. We overlook them, because they do not suggest themselves like other dream symbols. Still it helps very much if we pay attention to the directions and side differences in the dream, because they work out the communication of the dream even clearer. This is just as with the human face: Ordinarily we do not note at all that it shows two astonishing halves. If we pay attention to it, something states about our male and female side. In detail the positions can be interpreted as follows:
  • Outside: Who often dreams from Outside, while he sees, for example, a house always only from the outside, that should look more after his inside world. He can proceed with the day dream technology once in the inside and look what meets him there. Such dream situations in which one remains, so to speak, 'outside before' often appear with unilaterally extrovert people for whom it would be good to turn more to her inside world.
  • Diagonally: As a result diagonal directions show in the dream always that distant must be connected with each other. The diagonal direction appears in the dream more often with ways, buildings and with patterns in objects.
  • Far / near: In the dream time and space easily get mixed up. If acts a dream of an object which is far away, this can be called that he lies timewise a long way off, so either in the future or in the past. A long way before the dreaming symbolises the future, a long way behind him shows the past. Approach meant recently or immediately.
  • opponent: Everything what is towards the dreaming can refer to difficulties with the union of contrasts (well / badly, male / female and so forth). This cannot point to a conflict or also. An object which was placed intentionally compared with another object shows the deliberate attempt to generate disagreement. If a position of the two objects which face to each other is corrected, differences are possibly compensated.
  • Straight ahead: This direction stands for a direct access and for the shortest way between two objects or places. If a dream of the straight direction is marked, two different causes may have: 1.) The dreamer should line up clearer in his life and form better it, as well as more deliberately live. 2.) The dreaming lives in too stiff images and a too regular, infertile world. He needs more loosening.
  • Behind: To stand behind a person, can point to feeling of inferiority. Possibly has left behind to the dreaming fear, or to be left. Possibly he has got in the striving for Ganzheitlichkeit in remains.
  • high: What is high, this is related to the sky and therefore the male archetype. 'High' hangs together quite linguistically with 'rise'. Indeed, is also to be noted always that that can deeply fall which is very high. High can be connected successfully, indeed, on the other side also with arrogance and selfoverestimation.
  • : If a dream trades of the fact that is a little higher or is about the dreaming, this refers to his soul, his mind, his ideals and his consciousness. The same meaning has it if it is in the dream about the upper part of a thing (about of one building or a body).
  • Inside: From Inside primarily the introverted type dreams after Jung. Women in the Lutealphase (cycle phase between ovulation and menstruation) dream typically often of interiors. Inside always hangs together with protection and with it with the female archetype. Who often dreams of interiors and caves, and who dreams of the fact that he sits in means of transportation, that should explore his outside rooms with the help of the day dream technology.
  • links: The left side is the less dominant, rather passive side. She stands often for all dark, dubious and for those parts of the personality which the dreaming tries to suppress. She symbolises instinctive behaviour and has nothing to do with morality images. Their natural area is the expression and the susceptibility, - hence, everything can be what appears in the dream on the left side a symbol of the support. Pain on the left side is interpreted as a sensitivity. The left side stands in respect with the past and expresses female qualities. If the dreaming cannot decide between on the left and on the right, this is called that he cannot decide between desire and instinct. Or, however, it concerns a conflict between logic and intuition.
  • middle: If the dreaming perceives the middle of an object consciously, this shows, that be he an aim, maybe even real recognises. In addition, the middle in the dream can also indicate the wish that the dreaming liked to stand in the centre of the attention.
  • Lower / Under: Everything what is lower or is under something symbolises the anarchistic or immoral side of the personality. Also sexual impulses can be shown in this manner. If the dreaming is under an object or below a person, this refers either to the fact that he seeks shelter, or that he submits to another person. This can also show the part of the personality which the dreaming would like to hide.
  • the north: He stands for the stranger and, hence, sometimes for the darkness. It is the spirituality in the world. The north is connected with the cold and with it also with distance and restraint.
  • On top: What is on top symbolised the male archetype. It stands for the deliberate and intellectual. On top is the empire of the sky and the air, it is the place of the sun and the light. On top it is connected in the patriarchy with the divine, the clarity and also the success. On top rule is as the power of men. The patriarchy searches his God always on top in heaven and so adores the spiritual and demonises the physical. If the dreaming is in his dream on top, he has used his aspiration successfully and has taken over power. He is able to take over the rule and to get the upper hand. Or, however, the dreaming is able to go away from the earthly, usual everyday world.
  • On top and Below: In relatively many dreams the contrast plays an important role also from above and below. He is principal with buildings, in the mountains and with the street course importantly. We already saw that at the house on top the spiritual, below the emotional is symbolised, also it is with the tree with which below the ground and on top the spiritual verbildlicht is. Has struck you already once that in the dream on top like below never is
? For symbolic reasons are distinguished on top and below always unambiguously of each other.
  • the east: The east symbolises traditionally birth and mystic religion. He also represents the realisation. From the east there comes the light: 'ex to East lux' and with it also the enlightenment or the consciousness. Further the east stands for the spiritual expression of the person. Moreover, for Easter and as well as for the countries of the close east with her actual and symbolic meanings...
  • of right: The right side shows the dominant, logical side which consciously expresses itself and is persuaded of itself. She perceives the external world objectively. Everything what the dreaming on the right side observed, is significant as a rule for his advancement. Pain on the right side can be interpreted as a desire, - he also expresses the male qualities. A movement to the right refers to the fact that something comes to the consciousness.
  • Backward / forward: If the attention of the dreaming is drawn to a Forward or regression, this ordinarily refers to a regressive trend. The dreaming has the need to withdraw into the past instead of tackling his fears and advancing. Back, reverse, to the shade, to the spring or origin there.
  • Vertically: In the dream the perpendicular shows the spiritual area.
  • the south: This direction shows earthly passion and sensuousness. The south is connected with the warmth and the light. He is extrovert and happy.
  • low-pressure area: The depth symbolises almost always the internal depth of the dreaming. Who dreams of the depth, that should be afraid not of her, but himself in this depth hineinbegeben.
  • Vice versa: If something seems to have turned back, the potential is stressed for chaos and difficulties. The heights and depths of life situations can be shown in the dream with a position change.
  • Below: Below hangs together with the power of the female. The Matriarchat looked at his goddess always as an earth and the caves linkedly, and it adored the physical and the nature. Below is the place of the desire as in the body both lower energy centres of the sexuality are connected. What is below, symbolises the female archetype. Below is called creatively and impulsive what hangs up together both closely. And every way down in the dream corresponds to a descent in the depth and with it a connection with his unconscious. Indeed, this descent can also hang together with downfall, depressions and decline.
  • In front / behind: Acceptance and refusal can be shown in the dream as a front or back of an object.
  • Forward: In the future. Escape forwards. Without consideration. Or without wrong consideration.
  • Horizontally: All horizontal one symbolises as a rule the material world.
  • the west: It can symbolise the death, however, the state is meant, actually, after the death in which there is a raised spiritual consciousness. The west refers to boundless possibilities (compares 'go west '-feeling of the early colonists in America). Moreover, the west is connected with the humid and foggy (Vernebelung).
  • Specifically: If dream-I acts in the dream specifically, it is to be seen mostly as a tip for the dreamer to act even also specifically. Only in rare cases a too big inflexibility and one-sided Zielgerichtetheit of the dreamer can be demanded with this situation.


At the spiritual level positions in the dream give the instructions at which place of his development he is to the dreaming about that.



  • changes in your position are to be expected.
(See also 'artistic forms')

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