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Association: - Protection, - warmth, - luxury, - status. Question: - What cover I myself up with?

In general:

One understands fur often like fur, sometimes also in terms of mink or in general like animals. Earlier the fur served his bearer than protection against frost and cold. Today it is as a rule a status symbol. However, with primitive races the animal fur serves for the mask clothes with ritual rituals. The fur embodies in the dream the qualities of the animal to whom he belonged. Often it is the real cold in the bedroom which crowds thus in the dream. Then helps only one thicker cover or you close the window. In the figurative sense he can express the wish for protection and security.


The dress of the animal sometimes symbolises his qualities. If one carries in the dream a fur (besides, one pays attention to it from which animal he comes), one should dress in the life everyday life warmly to stand firm to adverse living conditions, - besides, it can also concern illness states, as for example colds. Who carries a precious fur in the dream, would maybe like to find the way in according to feeling icy surroundings and assert itself with his skill.



  • see or carry: Success in the occupation, - generally carefree life,
  • see carrying for himself one: by own work can register a big profit for himself and look back proudly at the performed,
  • carry: one will get at the expenses of other advantages,
  • see carrying another one: one will soon get to act with high-powered people,
  • shop: you want to impress other people.

(European ones).:

  • see: the coming prosperity, as well as a happy, thrilling time in the partnership,
  • with one be covered: Care before fever and possible illnesses,
  • one see lie or hanging: if promises a cosy life, - there stands to a wealth and honour in the house,
  • receive given: if a money match or a connection tells in, with the love or friendship is not in the foreground,
  • carry: one will make one to himself on other people costs good afternoon, - by the strain or efficiency more different one can earn a big profit or profit with, - also: must not be afraid of poverty,
  • see somebody in a fur wrapped: promises a rich friend or Gönner,
  • on one lie: the life runs at the moment rather comfortably, one must not exert himself largely,
  • see a fur farm: promises big wealth,
  • own a fur farm: big wealth will be from relatively short duration,
  • fur: promises a distinguished Gönner,
  • act with fur: if prosperity and engagement announces in many duties,
  • A young woman one valuable fur carries, will marry a clever man.


  • shop: Illness and grief,
  • see or carry: you will reach to big possession.
(See also fur, clothes, headgear, mink, ermine, animals)

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