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Association: - Cooling to the preservation. Question: - What would like I to preserve (on)?


The fridge is a symbol for preservation. In the dream this becomes the selfpreservation and points out to the fact that the dreaming cools off emotionally or sexually. If a dream trades of the fact that of the dreaming leftovers it puts in the fridge, this shows that he dams up rancour. This lets again 'cool' a reaction to love and affection. If spoilt food is found in the fridge, this can point to the fact that the dreaming does not feel properly fed. however, the dream of the fridge can also be a reaction to the fact that one has gone maybe even hungry to bed. If not, one is only possible maybe even 'so cool' how and lays every feeling (every topic) 'on ice' if one fears that the thing 'too hotly' could become. With reserved behaviour one provides for 'cooling' if somebody with pleasure 'the hell hotly make' would want. A little less coldness would not be still 'uncool'!


Religious asceticism can present itself figuratively as a cooling.


(European ones).:

  • see: one will find out a secret, - also: own egoism will damage to somebody who strives to earn honestly his living,
  • put ice: one will fall from favour.
(See also pantry)

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