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Evening star


The Venus as an astrological planet of the love mostly indicates at pleasant events. In the darkness of the night a light shines and gives new hope. Permit to yourselves romantic feelings, search a new aim, the life maybe holds ready a surprise for you.



  • in the cloudless sky see shining: your hopes will come true,
  • in cloudy sky: Hope and bad luck will change with each other,
  • you longs in vain for that of the () lovers,
  • for married: Secrecy between husbands,
  • darkens: it threatens you evil, danger.

(European ones).:

  • portent of a big luck, - recovery with sick people, - luck with devout,
  • see shining - together with other to, less bright stars - success and financial advantages gives notice in the next time, but also restlessness and stress in,
  • only
  • see shining: intended plans can be realised,
  • at times covers: do not lose only hope, the aim is accessible, nevertheless,
  • by clouds veils, one must bury hopes for the next future probably,
  • darkens in general: it threatens you evil, danger, - for single: you long in vain for that of the () lovers, - for married: Secrecy between husbands.
(See also stars, stars)

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