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Association: - Healing, - enclosed being. Question: - What may become healthy in me?


The exact interpretation of this dream symbol depends on the setting of the dreaming to hospitals. If a hospital appears in the dream, it can show either a place of the security, or, however, a place at which the existence is threatened and is vulnerable. If one understands it as a place of the curing, it shows the part own Itself which knows, when a rest of obligations and difficulties is necessary and when the dreaming can allow that look other after him. If hospitals on the dreaming look menacing, this can have his reason in the fact that he is aware that he 'let go', must give itself up to other person and leave her run to the things, so that his situation can improve. Hospital promises in general consolation and help in difficult situations which will soon make amends. If the dreaming or another person must be treated in the dream in the hospital, this is always a sign for the auxiliary need of these people. The illnesses appearing in the dream and events stand always for the mental illnesses and solutions. Her symbolism is appropriate:
  • A heart desease is a picture for problems in the feeling area, a gastric trouble points to a "not 'digested" problem, eye complaints are a symbol for the fact that the dreaming can see a problem or the respect with a person not right.
  • The doctor treating in the dream can give important instructions for the solution of his problems to the dreaming.
  • Who lies in a hospital to which depress worries which he becomes not man without foreign help, - they mostly deal nothing with hospital, but are caused rather psychically. Thus it can be that he experiences a crossing at the spiritual level. If the things had taken in the original situation no good course, the dreaming finds now to a better setting with which everything develops to the good.
  • Who waits in a clinic for an operation result, approaches that in the awake life a drastic experience. In this connection one should also pay attention to the diagnosis of the doctor which could give instructions to what has got in our soul household in mess.
  • Also the respective floor in which the hospital lies can draw the attention to psychic defects in certain body areas.
  • visiting
  • If the dreaming another person in the hospital, this expels to the fact that to him is aware that a part of itself maybe does not feel fine, is ill and needs attention, so that the clarity can return.
  • Leaving one a hospital, points to a personal maturation by which one has become more independent and more independent after a phase of the mental need.


At the spiritual level the hospital in the dream symbolises a curative environment in which the things can be brought in a balance state.



  • see: a strong Gönner helps you from the need, - also: are surprised by good news,
  • have before himself or have entered: become ill,
  • are in one or visit somebody: your wishes will not come true in immediate future,
  • to themselves see lying in one: one can await the coming times quietly, because it will be given a help in an oppressive situation,
  • to a sick person flowers bring: you try to improve a situation,
  • leave: recover from an illness.

(European ones).:

  • consolation reaction of the low to the highest, - is valid as a freeing from worries and grief, recovery of illness and recovery of a loss,
  • for healthy: Signs of a light illness,
  • for sick people: Rest and recovery, - it will look somebody around one,
  • see: good news comes to the house, but one will make a sick person's visit,
  • work in one as a nurse: one will endure a mental suffering patiently,
  • for healthy as a patient in one be: there is a contagious illness in own surroundings and one escapes only by the skin of the teeth the infection,
  • lie in one: a good person will help one to escape from a depressing situation,
  • as a patient be very ill: one should consider his plan once again in rest, those the current plan will not be practicable,
  • leave: one will make himself independent, - one owns internal independence.


  • see: you will be soon released from your oppressive situation,
  • enter: Poverty and illness.
(See also doctor, of sick person, operation)

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