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Association: - Intellect, - understanding, - something higher. Question: - What is I to be understood ready?


The head symbolises the mind and the Ratio in the dream and is a tip to self-restraint. From him all our senses and the whole mind apparatus are steered, - whose head suffers damage in the dream, that should seek medical advice. With the Chinese the head is a seat of the sky light, for Artemidoros he is the father or also a male relative, with Freud symbol of the masculinity (The women can 'also think, was a century ago probably one more of the bestgehüteten secrets!!!) with C. G. Jung archetypal symbol phallische meaning also would come up (with reference to the Greek mythology to whose upper part: the birth of the Athene from the head of the Zeus). Head can also appear body-partly with headaches, fever and other illnesses than warning signs. If this does not apply, he often points to worries and conflicts about which one itself the head 'Breaking', or warns against 'to losing' the head. In general head symbolises the consciousness and the behaviour steered by him. The following accompanying circumstances can be still important:
  • big head should point to luck and success if one uses in addition his mind.
  • wound in the head announces worries and misfortune.
  • The decapitation circumscribes the deliberate fact of the matter that one could lose his head in any manner.
  • Trading the dreaming headlessly, so this means that he has lost his self-control.
  • head operates sit have warns about thoughtless behaviour.
  • a head can sit up on excessive imagination point.
  • head of a bird should have on a flighty, superficial being point.
  • everyday worries announce
  • the headaches which are not body-conditioned. One should not break to himself about every little thing 'the head'.
  • a dream in which somebody rests in the breast of another points to the possibility to close a new prolonged friendship.


The head refers to the father. He resembles the parents because it is the cause of the life, - to the children because of the resemblance of the expression. He also calls the house, - then it is the house of the senses. If one dreams of having a big head, brings to an empire which has still filled no political position, further to an arm, an athlete, a believer, a banker and an Eranarchen (Originally director of meals or symposia which were organised on common costs, then chairperson by unions with interest-free participation to too different purposes, e.g., to the mutual support, to the ransoming from captivity etc.) Luck. To the first one it prophesies a high office which obliges him an honourary wreath to carry a priest or forehead bandage, to the second prosperity and increase in having and property, and that both heads mightier in this regard will be. To an athlete it promises of course the victory, - then then his head might become bigger (He will become bekränzt.). It promises to a believer, a banker and an Eranarchen higher monetary income. Since the money is called capital (wordplay: kephalaia = sum, capital (cf. lat. caput) and kephale = head. With the addition the old people wrote over the figures though like us together, the result, however, - therefore, summa = the uppermost line, sum, Greek kephalaion = head.) . It announces an empire against it which has already come to office and dignity to a speaker and demagogs chicaneries and terms of abuse from on the part of the large amount, to a sick person headaches, to a soldier strain, to a slave that he will not be released so soon, and to one which has chosen a peaceful life to themselves it prophesies excitement and insults. A head which is smaller and does not have the normal size means the opposite of the discussed one in view of the single dream exits. Two or three heads is to be had for an athlete by good premeaning, - he will become in also many competitions as a winner bekränzt. Blessing brings it also to an arm. He will collect not only a big capital and acquire a stately property, but get in addition good children and a woman by heart's desire. It indicates an empire backlash of sides of some relatives, - if now the original head the other towered above, his opponents will not get down him, - becomes that, however, from the other towered above, it announces the dreaming danger and death. If one sees his head so after backward rotated that one can perceive the things in the back, this is an obstacle for everybody which wants to leave his native country. The view rooting in the national faith forms the basis (of the interpretation that it is dangerous for the person to turn round with certain actions and enterprises. When Eurydice, the young wife of Orpheus, of a snakebite died, he fetched back them with permission of the God Hades whom he had stirred by his laments, from the underworld, - because he looked around, however, against the ban after her Eurydice was taken to him. And genesis 19.23 is reported that of plumb line woman became a salt column because she looked back against Jahwes ban to Sodom and Gomorra about which that sulphur and fire allowed to rain. If with Artemidor this dream thwarts especially a trip, one compares to it the Pythagorean order traditional with the Neuplatoniker Jamblich which forbade departing to one of house to look around. Here the reason of the ban is also clearly pronounced: 'The underworld minds follow the departing, - he turns round, he would see them.'),-while it forecasts a relevant sensory change, - moreover, it thwarts other plans, - the dream experience aforesaid, one should direct not upon the instantaneous wishes and concerns his attention, but upon the future. To the people who stay in the distance it promises a late and unexpected return in the native country. It means that one will see his native country also against own property. His own head is to be held in the hands for a childless, a bachelor and for that who expects back somebody of the trip, from good premeaning. If one maintains his head, he will abolish some mismanagement in his house and get rid of some Widerwärtigkeit in the life. The same means it if one holds his own head in the hands and believes to have at the same time another than which of course grown on the neck. It dreamt one, an olive tree has grown out of his head. He took up the study of the philosophy with big zeal and straightened his life in the thinking and action to her, - then the olive tree is evergreen, firmly rooted and consecrated to Athena. However, the goddess is equated with the pure thinking. A man who had two unmarried daughters dreamt, one would have bound up golden Aphrodite on the head, the others would be ebendort a Rebstock hervorgesprossen. From these married erstere, while the latter died, - then Aphrodite was the symbol of the marriage and the child production according to the word of Homer: 'You, however, goes only after dear-lovely works of the marriage' (Iliad 5,429). However, the bundle called the indissoluble of the marriage, - which symbolised vine against it because he from the earth hervorsprießt, the death which had to go other dahinraffen - in earth also resolve the bodies - and because the vine is robbed at the moment of his most full maturity of the fruit.



  • see a nice one: Comfort of all kind,
  • see an ugly one: Annoyance experiences,
  • see beating off: meant misfortune,
  • beat off: you are in danger of losing the management,
  • see without body: to happy circumstances go towards, - also: sends a reminder to the watchfulness and presence of mind,
  • see a body without head: you run headlessly through the life,
  • see themselves with the head of another: one should watch out to let tempt from others into follies,
  • foreign on have: one will have to submit to the will more different,
  • see washing one: Bad luck in his enterprises have,
  • the own see washing: one should take before financial loss or physical suffering in eight,
  • wash: after a big quarrel rest enters again,
  • headaches have: one will have to make in the next time especially important decisions, - also: an illness is in the suit,
  • hang: if you lose the courage, you have lost everything,
  • hold: you will overcome your worries, success comes,
  • hold up: you are too proud and get needlessly enemies,
  • wobble: big luck and great success is sure,
  • break: wait, everything will come by itself to order,
  • (or heads) see drawn or painted: diligently must work,
  • Dreaming one, it horns on the head have grown to him like an Aries, he will get a high office and deliver fights according to the kind of the horns with his enemies, - the horns break off, he will have to accept in his dignity disgrace and insult before the people.


  • seeing you the head of an animal, largely or at close range, good news will arrive. However, the head of a person (with a role dominant in the dream) gives you the suggestion to pay attention better to the respect with your next ones. In general you should be watchful during the next days and take care also to produce a better respect with your immediate surroundings.

(European ones).:

  • mostly with headaches or fever linked, - care before other illnesses,
  • see without body: if a good action announces, - luck and freeing from all need, - warning brings to more watchfulness and presence of mind,
  • a head separated covered in blood by the body: awful disappointments stand in the house and one must say to the most ardent hopes and wishes goodbye,
  • see a body without head: one has got headlessly in a thing and should change this state to quickest ones,
  • wear a foreign one: whether one wants or not, now others decide what is to be done,
  • operates sit have: by thoughtless actions and wrong decisions arise an amount of problems,
  • see a well-shaped head of a person: one meets person with power and influence which support to one with important enterprises,
  • the head of a child: it expects to a lot of joys and financial success,
  • have an unnaturally big one: if means luck,
  • a swollen one: it will be gave to one in the life of more good than bad person,
  • two or several own: an unusually quick, however, perhaps, lasting career is not prophesied to one,
  • headaches have: one is pressed down by worries, - capital losses and loss of good clientele,
  • an animal head see: the wishes move only at low level, - one is interested only in material,
  • of a dog or donkey have: meant servitude,
  • of a bird have: if longing makes walk out in the wide world,
  • of a wild animal have: one will overcome his enemies,
  • sit up: one is weighted by an imagination,
  • wound one, hit, beat off or are decapitated: if brings misfortune, - currently torment to one an amount of problems,
  • wash to themselves the head: if is the portent of a menacing misfortune and afterwards high dignity, - also: prominent people trust in your judgment and in your good advice,
  • see a bald one: brings bad news,
  • nod: do not overestimate own strength, - a warning of illness,
  • scratch in the head: Strangers will annoy one by her flatteries, because these should make only weighed - according to own opinion-.


  • of a bird have: you have a flighty sense,
  • of an animal have: watch out for unreasonable actions,
  • headaches have: you are involved in processes,
  • in him be injured: the laborious work,
  • see splitting the own: one raises ruling claims or one is blest with rich progeny,
  • to another beat off: you will attain advantages,
  • see beaten: you will experience deceptions,
  • are beheaded: bad person approaches you,
  • wash: you will escape a misfortune,
  • wrong stand have: Thoughtlessness,
  • nicely doctors: you strive yourself in vain to acquire friends by charm,
  • largely and thickly: Luck,
  • painted or drawn: good progress of your shops.
(See also decapitation,' body ',' forehead')

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