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Association: - Zerstückelung. Question: - What must I tear apart to be able to be whole?


If a dream of the amputation of single or several limbs acts, thus the dreaming risks or fears losing a part of itself, while this is 'cut off' to him or is suppressed by him. The dreams in which one loses own body part by amputation (a frequent dream!) leave a strong loss feeling. An ability, power or quality gets lost or something what lies to the dreaming with the heart. A process of experience was suddenly finished by the dreaming. The psychoanalysts of old school see separating from limbs mostly erotic sexüll as castration fear, every now and then, however, also as a paraphrase for the quick separation of a beloved person. In modern view one should follow which limbs were separated. Amputated feet or legs can point out to the fact that something restraining hinders our life, it to the dreaming in possibilities is absent to develop or be he mental or spiritual pivot leg has lost. The loss of a leg signals maybe also the restriction of the freedom of movement, e.g., because of an unfulfilled travel wish or the need to call off a trip. If one dreams of amputating an arm or a leg to another, then this can be understood as a tip to the fact that one arranges the right to the self-printout to this person. If one has lost recently a colleague or friend on whom one counted, one maybe dreams of the loss of the right hand. The amputation of arms or hands is often dreamt after the death of the partner if the loss is felt thus as if one was not capable of surviving alone. The absence of a hand probably also says that the dreamer does not have enough freedom of action in the guard. Who loses finger and is drawn the attention with it a part of the sense of touch, to lacking feeling. The women who are cheated by her man or are left often dream the amputation of a breast - as an expression of her fear of being desirable erotically no more. A very frequent dream before a separation appointment or at the beginning of the climacteric (menopause). With a man a castration dream will hang together absolutely with power loss. Who is decapitated in the dream, runs the risk to lose his head in the guard also what can give, for example, also an instruction to a certain rash in the love relationships. On this occasion, the whole dream action must be incorporated in the interpretation. From meaning with amputation dreams is always by which fact or which person, the dreaming a body part has lost. Amputation warns not only about menacing losses. Further is to be thought in a painful incision in the usual life in which one must surrender a lot.


The distortion of the perfect.



  • of some own limbs: stands for separation and loss of a beloved person,
  • agree themselves to one: sensible separation of a person or a life fact,
  • decline: Fear of renunciation and separation.

(European ones).:

  • for businessmen - from smaller limbs: small professional losses,
  • for businessmen - from whole legs or arms: if a serious commercial stagnation,
  • prophesies
  • for sailors: Storm and loss of the having,
  • for women: Separation of object of love, - from beloved person,
  • see how a hand or a leg is amputated: points to a separation of mental kind,
  • agree to the events: a necessary separation of a person, thing or opinion approaches,
  • regret or decline: involuntary separation and losses approach,
  • must undergo one: a separation of a beloved person approaches,
  • of own hand: the scope of action is limited, or one gives other not enough,
  • of own leg: one can or should not flee any more, - one is on the wrong life.
(See also doctor, hospital, links, execution, 'body', 'right' and under the single limbs)

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