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The meaning of film dreams is as with television dreams. Nevertheless, the cinema is a publicly accessible place, and we must do for a visit to the cinema more than only the television set switch on, - hence, a film dream stronger has an effect on. This is valid particularly when one saw a film on wide canvas and was deeply impressed by his close-ups, wonderful sceneries or the shown characters. In the dream the part of a film is often played to us which we have maybe seen scarcely a few days ago. But he is changed obviously: Here a segment of our own life film is brought forward! The unconscious describes to us as it were in a simile the situation in which we just are. Therefore, cinema mostly indicates that one does not see clear enough in a matter yet, is maybe also deceived, - this must be understood from the concrete life situation. If one saw, e.g. a love story, so one should think about his private life. Does he contain neither romanticism nor colour, and does he bore or does he make worriedly? (A colour film in Black and white see, exactly this means!) Then one should do everything in his power standing to change this situation, or ask the dreams for suggestion for it.



  • visit: you search change in the love.

(European ones).:

  • frivolous invitations, - does not trust pretty women,
  • stand before one: a secret bothers,
  • sit in one: one is undecided in a very important thing because one in get dark there gropes about,
  • leave before ending of the image: one will be misled,
  • see: one will make an invention.
(See also to films, Take photos of)

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