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Child (he)

Association: - Innocence, - new which wants to develop. Question: - Where in my life I develop? Which part of my being is childish?


Generally a positive meaning comes up to the child as a dream symbol, unless it concerns a weak, frail and ill child. It often outlines a 'under-age' opinion and one makes himself smaller than one is real. The child in the dream is a tip to new possibilities and chances for the further development. Often the conflicts which are due mostly to an immature personality also however appear in it. Maybe the dream refers with women really to the wish to have a child and to bring up. In pregnancy dreams it is delivered by the dreamer and is born, - in this case it also indicates a new development of which we should take care in the awake life or the end of a period of life. If the child prospered in the dream, the future project also succeeds. The other meaning can arise from the symbols boy and girl. A dream from - maybe foreign - child, could absolutely be a dream of itself. One tries to remember the behaviour of the dream child - was it friendly or unfriendly, did it laugh, or did it have a fit of rage? - and one considers whether the dream contains a statement about own present life and behaviour. A child who behaves egoistic and disrespectfully is maybe an effigy of own mistakes. Has one behaved recently 'childishly'? The other draws the attention of it parents to the difficulties of her own child, even if the vision gets to believe favorable. But it also points to a concealed way on which one walks, or on a precious object which one could win. In the negative sense the child indicates a general emergency state, or it stands for an animal who needs of our help. Several children in the dream point out to the fact that something is in our soul in turmoil that one faces to the environment helplessly. Who carries a child on the arm, should find out of a conflict situation, - who sees falling it, a bad luck threatens that.


The child symbolises the position of the impartial receive.


If one dreams of having quite small children or of looking, this is if these are the own, for man and woman of bad premeaning, - it indicates worries, bitterness and grief because of some inevitable drudgeries because one gets the little ones anyway not big without this. There is also an old word which means the same. It is: 'Constantly fear or worry prepares the child for the father.' Besides, the dream face of boys still takes a good exit, while from girl an end registers which is worse than the beginning, and prophesies a material loss. Since boys take from the parents nothing if they have become big, however, girls need a dowry. I know somebody to whom it dreamt, a little daughter would be born to him, - he had to take up a Darlehn. Another again dreamt, he buries his late daughter. It happened that he paid back an advance. A good portent is against it the sight of foreign children if they are a well grown, gracefully and from childish impartiality. It indicates the meeting of happy circumstances under which bigger hope exists to complete a plan and to lead to good end. Since even if the work does not go for the children first from the hand, nevertheless, they become if they can perform become older, something competent. If somebody dreams, he lies like a child in nappies and takes from a known or unknown woman the breast, he will have to get through a protracted illness, that is if his woman is not of good hope. If this applies, she will give him a son who completely comes according to the father and will be brought up in this manner. It announces a woman the birth of a Töchterchens. The destiny after this dream face will still encumber with other sufferings an incarcerated, moreover, he will not be pardoned. Quite obviously it is also the respect on the illness, - then children who are satisfied, are weakly, and also adults live on milk if they can take no firm food to themselves in the sickbed. Everything what does not come up to an infancy namely with boys a beard and grey hair, with girl marriages, parturitions and other Verfrühungen, is disastrous with and sonders, excluded the speech. Quite consistently all the other signs appearing before the maturity mean the death because they are close to the old age which, in any case, the death follows. The speech against it is from good premeaning because the person is one of nature with reasonable speech gifted being. A schoolteacher dreamt that his five month-old little son speaks clearly and articulated. Some expected that the child will die, - however, it stayed alive, and also still many other children live after this dream face. Members of the family, particularly children, mean the whole family, because apart from that what they else mean they point at the same time to the relationship. Thus, e.g., somebody dreamt, he looks his daughter hunchbacked. Quite consistently and according to the respect the sister of the dreaming died, - his clan was not healthy because. It dreamt somebody, he draws off to his own child the skin and makes out of it a tube. On the next day the child fell in a river and drowned, - then the tube is won from corpses and takes up liquid.


(arab.): Everything what yet adult children do not see in the dream is interpreted at the parents, namely the face of boys on the mother, from girl on the father.
  • see general: innocent joy experience,
  • recovers see: Success of some kind in the next time for themselves can register,
  • girls see: you get a son,
  • boys see: you get a daughter,
  • recovers with happy faces: are always a good portent and point to luck and health,
  • ill, wretchedly looking ones: if worries and difficulties promise, - grief and bitterness in the family approach,
  • allow to christen: an event of special kind,
  • is christened: you are recognised and honoured,
  • carry: Child blessing expect,
  • see playing: it will be given you a special joy with being close people, - also: Luck and peace in the marriage,
  • foreign children happily with each other see playing: the success will be even bigger and more lasting,
  • weeping: watch out for an accident in the traffic,
  • laughing: your child is in danger, protects it,
  • eating: your wealth will increase,
  • falls down: you will find something precious,
  • punish: are angry,
  • see burying or allow to bury: heavy misfortune.


  • a good omen: Success in occupation and family life approaches - the more children, the greater the success. The dreaming would be reminded of the true values of the life. Values and figures are two kinds of - and the best things are not for sale anyway. About the financial success he should not let out of sight the informal luck. (Man

(European ones).:

    one tries to find
  • in a conflict situation anyhow a way out, - one wants to begin at the beginning on a new way with new thoughts,
  • recovers see: Joy, health, luck and internal peace, success in the love and all enterprises,
  • a thin or one see falling down: points to a bad time,
  • see a thick one: points to an unexpected success,
  • in the enlightened sky see: one should hold his feelings under control, because in the excitement about an ostensible negligence irreparable mistakes are made,
  • see the head of a child: there waits a lot of joy and financial success,
  • see bearing: new possibilities of existence arise,
  • see during the birth: if separation of his wife brings to the man, - a good, for businessmen and empires is for arms a bad sign, - Li> brings travelling return in the native country,
  • see as a baby: if luck means for the mother,
  • with nurse: happy times,
  • on the arm of a man: Birth of a boy,
  • on the arm of a woman: Birth of a girl,
  • carry to the baptism: points to a Christian conduct,
  • see christening: you want to experience joy,
  • the nice: you will make a dear acquaintance,
  • have: Luck and blessing,
  • many children see: Worries and trouble,
  • see kissing each other: a happy reunion of the family and professional success approach,
  • if children bubbles inflate: the expectations are not fulfilled,
  • ride on donkeys: if signals health and obedience of the little ones,
  • see wading in clear water: if is a portent of luck and the plans are promising,
  • see dancing: for married it means lovely and clever children, as well as a happy and comfortable home, - for single, easy duties and a lot of pleasure,
  • on bugles see playing: are glad about the correspondence at home,
  • Hearing a mother the voice of her child, grief and painful doubts come up to them.
  • child laughters hear: meant joy and health,
  • see playing: Satisfaction and cheerfulness, - brings joy,
  • with toys see playing: it approaches one a happy marriage,
  • with many children play: Luck in the love and success in all enterprises, - also: all perspectives and love affairs will be successful,
  • with queues see playing: one must separate friends from enemies,
  • Dreaming a woman, a child lays her one queue on the back of the head and she hears the animal hissing, she will be persuaded to give up a property which she would have kept better.
  • disappointed children: point to difficulties with opponents and show frightening tips to secret intrigues of ostensible friends,
  • are insulted by such: one well speaks of one,
  • must be ashamed of the behaviour of the children: Expectations are not fulfilled,
  • one exile: business allies will commit a perjury, - can also prophesy a death,
  • children leave: one will lose money by missing judgment property,
  • one hit: one uses somebody, - maybe one bends a child to treat badly,
  • own lose in the darkness: there is often occasion for rage, - one should control himself,
  • own with a penknife defend against a lion: Opponents are lying in wait and will also strike successfully if one can be dissuaded by an ingenious diversion by his duties,
  • see sleeping: if a good future,
  • promises
  • sleep beside a small child: points to domestic joys and affection,
  • observe with the book reading: if Li> stands for harmony and good-educated children,
  • working or learning children: harmonious times and well-being announce themselves,
  • small children in the midst of lilies: if illness and a weak constitution,
  • announce
  • Dreaming a mother that her child wets the bed is this a sign for unusual fears.
  • see the ill or falling or quarrel or hear shouting: Decline of the shops, - disturbance of your matters,
  • dream of the ill abdomen of a child: one is struck by a contagious illness,
  • Seeing a mother her child easily falls ill, takes pleasure in it to a robust health, however, they will occupy other small problems.
  • hard falls ill or deadly see: one has to fear a lot, because the welfare of the child is in danger,
  • own with skin rash see: it will take pleasure to good health and be dear,
  • foreign children with skin rash see: one is afraid free of charge around a beloved person,
  • demented children see: meant dejection and unhappy change cases,
  • see the intestine of own child: if is a tip to the forthcoming death of your child or the own,
  • murder: one will do to himself a big harm,
  • see own late child: if worries and disappointments promise in close future,
  • burial of own child: if health registers for the family, but bad disappointments from friendly spring can follow.


  • see: you will have to suffer a lot of heart grief.
(See also birth, youth, boy,' girls ',' people ',' son ',' daughter')

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