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In a dream symbol like the mandrakes the Dualitšt of the creation is hidden: It is a plant with which can be cured or be killed. By the dreaming it is required here to decide and to bear the responsibility for his decision. In days of yore the mandrake root was a symbol of the masculinity. It was often used in magic ceremonies, and, hence, it received a similar meaning like a doll in the Voodoo cult. If a mandrake root or a limb doll meets a person in the dream, he gets in touch with the deeply concealed wish to injure other people. Both objects express maybe also a conflict with a person. It is interesting that the mandrake root is also a symbol of the 'big mother' and symbolises, hence, the female aspect. In the witchcraft the witch produces a connection with the destructive strength of theirs own Herself.


The power about life and death means at the spiritual level the right to live in such a way as it corresponds to the religious images of the dreaming.

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