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In general:

Mountains are mostly interpreted in the same sense like the mountain, above all as a tip to obstacles and problems of the other life. Sometimes it can promise after old dream interpretation also more respect and honour, as soon as one has mastered the difficulties first of all.


If it towers up in the dream horrific before us, we have to remove a lot of difficulties and obstacles on the life. If one searches there lonesome paths which lead upwards, one wants to venture from own strength a fresh start. The mountains sometimes circumscribe also the longing for a natural life without taking into consideration the difficult conversions which could arise from it.



  • see: Arduousness of all kind experiences, - also: you hope for a rescue,
  • mount: you make to yourself a lot of work and trouble.


  • This symbol whether at close range or from a distance seen, points to too high claims of the dreaming. One to says him that he makes himself unhappy if he strives after furthermore aims which lie beyond his reach. He must learn to see himself as one of many, and screw off his claims to a normal measure. (Man

(European ones).:

  • see before himself: promises difficulties, - Li> means to strife,
  • a long way off: Fulfilment of all wishes.


  • see: Honour is given you,
  • in it umherklettern: Difficulties and obstacles.
(See also mountain,' mountain guide')

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