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Fence / fence gate

In general:

If the fence is in way of you in the dream as an obstacle, you have planned more than you can master. Keep and think over your plans. If a way for which you go is limited on the sides by fences, you hardly have the possibility to act differently. However, your life is sure and promises success.


If it keeps us the admittance, we will wait, for example, for a blossoming meadow (see there), on the fulfilment of a wish probably a little bit and must give us with what is offered us presently. The fence always shows an obstacle on the life. Who opens it, must see what expects him behind it.



  • you may not plan any more than you can perform.
  • (obstacles): one wants to lead you behind the light,
  • (fence gate): to you a bad prank will be played.


  • see in the game park: unexpected obstacles position themselves to you in the way.

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