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Fear originates in the dream not seldom body-partly with heart circulation or stomach trouble, - appearing symptoms speak for it also in the awake state, one should arrange an investigation. The real fear of forthcoming events and duties is also often expressed in the dream, this arises from the actual life situation. The fear sometimes announces that one edges out too much in the unconscious and has, therefore, fear of himself what is to be improved by more self-knowledge, harmony, more courage and determination in the awake life.


To have fear is good for nobody because from fear afflicted are not at all able to assert themselves, but without every external or internal hold makes itself to all impressions accessible, so that he becomes a faster victim of his own fears.



  • have: heavy days with worries and annoyance.


  • This signal is bound to the remaining signs of the dream. In general fear means in the dream that the person concerned must learn to see his life clearer and to confess to his weaknesses. Also he must recognise that he is afraid and worries which will pose problems to him, as long as he himself undertakes nothing to get rid of them.

(European ones).:

  • nightmare as a result of bad circulation and heart disturbances,
  • feel: if grief and lack as well as a determining idiom brings in the life, - also: success,
  • waves to the shy lover
  • can feel persistent fear and not find the cause: are deceived by somebody whom one trusted,
  • feel before a phantom: brings bigger excitement,
  • move somebody into those: one will come to a critical situation.


  • have: your friends are not so honest as they act.
(See also fear)

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