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Fitness / fitness centre / fitness devices


If one works in the dream with any kind of body training on fitness, this can be a tip to unterweight or overweight. Does a perfect body shout in afterwards to be let out? If this applies, does the dream in addition encourage to act a little bit for it? Of course one should also have a look at the remaining components of the dream. Did one try to lift weights which were too difficult, or could one handle quite easily with it? Such a dream maybe states something about the ability 'to take' a job or a project psychically or according to feeling, - however, he can also lead on the 'weight' of the project maybe hangs up to a load heavy somebody? Or was one charged himself burdens and did take amiss of it himself then? Running or quick walking lets assume, that one in the awake life behind some herläuft. If one ran on an exercise bike: Does one maybe step right away? Which aim tries one to achieve in the awake life? Fitness can also mean that one walks now on ways to the health. It is a reminder to the activation of the body and the mind. A positive earth dream. (See also sport)

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