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Fishing (fishing) can point to a good 'catch of fish', so on success and profits. Remember whether your prey only 'small fish' or were just 'big fish' - here lies the real symbol, and it is mostly about the coping of a problem, around the successful 'catch' (fighting) of an opponent. Or have you fished 'in the murky one'? You should take this dream literally and settle an unclear situation. The fishing can also show catching suppressed feelings which are brought to the surface of the consciousness. Deep-psychologically interpreted fishing requests to more self-knowledge of which one must take care. If one sees fishing others, the need for a good friendship appears in it maybe.


Each brings many and big fish luck and material profit, excluded to people who have a seated activity, and sophist, - to which one the dream face means idleness, - because they cannot follow at the same time her usual work and fish, the other that they will find no suitable listeners - then the fish is dumb ('Silently like a fish!'). The catch of small fish indicates annoyance and on no account profit, - I count to it the sardines, anchovies, anchovies, sprats and the Aphye.



  • you is cheated and deceived.

(European ones).:

  • one goes towards dangers and an uncertainty, however, finds again the balance,
  • besides,
  • see themselves: one finds again his mental balance,
  • besides,
  • other see: Opportunity to a good comradeship,
  • big fish of clear water: Luck and success.
(See also fishing)

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