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Association: - Sensitivity, - attention. Question: - What do I touch?


Finger is an ambiguous symbol, dependent of it in which connection he appears in the dream. The fingers mean skill in the dream or stand quite simply for mind emotions. Therefore, a loss of the fingers is always to be understood as a danger signal. Sometimes he can indicate as a phallic symbol the sexual needs which one should realise more. Finger is the sitting of the sense of touch and part of the hand which can signal the wish for bigger freedom of action. With the fingers one can play in the dream, which is why it is important to know the object with which they play. In the fingers the intuition can be also expressed, finally with which one judges other people and circumstances spontaneously and understands. Other meanings are recognizable from the following accompanying circumstances:
  • of upraised fingers can be understood as a tip or warning before mistakes, - besides, it depends on what happens before and after in the dream.
  • of outstretched fingers can be also interpreted as a tip, but also as an accusation because of personal guilt.
  • fingerprint stands for individuality, the personal mark, then - one must note where the impression exactly is.
  • of nice fingers can stand for respect, honour or sexual attraction which one wishes or already has.
  • dirty fingers often warn about intrigues which one himself spins or for which one must watch out.
  • Who makes the fingers dirty to himself, has either trouble and need to bring a heavy work behind itself, or is surrounded by people who require impossible of him.
  • in the finger cut often registers that plans can turn against itself, - this symbol sometimes also warns about defamation of character.
  • of cut-off fingers can announce a success for which one must make, nevertheless, personal sacrifices.
  • Who loses a finger, that could play a wrong note in the awake life.
  • one would like to seize
  • Seeing one his fingers oversized, probably something what is to be attained only hard, perhaps, a financial betterment.
  • Long fingers hardly translate the long finger, the thief, but rather seizing a favorable opportunity. But one can burn himself of course also in it the fingers.
  • one must go through
  • Cutting one the fingernails, in the opinion of Indian dream researchers soon heavy.
  • green fingers can forecast a time of personal growth or from creativity.


The finger on the mouth stands for the silence.


If one loses finger of the hands, everybody or only single, the losses and death of assistants, painters and belletrists indicate the payment of a bigger sum unemployment and idleness, debtors than they are guilty, and Gläubigern lower income. I know somebody who wanted to lend to himself money and to which it dreamt, he has no fingers. The financier also without debenture granted a loan to this man. Have meant more finger than Normally the opposite of that what indicates the dream face from too few fingers. Since all fingers which come to the of course grown ones are unsuitable themselves and also make the others from which they have grown, incompetently. Some interpretes laid out incorrectly as a favorable sign. Everything what is constantly with a certain body part in narrow touch has the same meaning like the of course grown parts itself. Thus dreamt, e.g. somebody, from his fingers has grown wood. He became a coxswain, because he had the wood of the tax oar in the hands. A had stomach trouble, the Asklepios for a remedial instruction asked, dreamt, he enters the sanctum of the God and this stretches to him the fingers against his right hand, so that he eats them. The man consumed five dates and was thereby cured, - then the finest dates are called finger.



  • have wounded: become ill,
  • cut themselves in the finger: a pompous plan will turn out wrong,
  • cut themselves the finger bloody: Bad luck and damage suffer,
  • lose: heavy sufferings and losses,
  • dirtily: Annoyance, Widerwärtigkeiten and suspicions,
  • a big finger see: one longs for love,
  • Seeming it one that his fingers have become smaller will cheat his farm-hand him and hate.
  • lift: Warning for a danger, is on the alert,
  • point: you may not overlook something important,
  • just hold: you will be robbed,
  • fold: you receive a marriage proposal,
  • make wet: you go to a feast,


  • The general message of this omen is that we misjudge the forces working behind present developments. We should be more careful, so that to us the reality unpleasantly does not surprise. Scheming machinations possibly are currently against us going. Otherwise the symbol with the remaining tips of the dream is to be put in respect.

(European ones).:

  • see a big one: unaware longing for love and sexuality have (above all in women's dreams),
  • dirty or deformed ones: threaten with danger and quarrel, - one will be got involved in a bad matter,
  • scratched and, besides, flows blood: it meets a lot of annoyance and grief, - one will give up hope, that to master life,
  • nice, well formed ones have: you are honoured, - one will be desired,
  • pure, well cultivated ones: indicate at loyal friends,
  • clarifies hands with white fingers: the love will be answered and one will become known for his charity,
  • with many rings: if an engagement or a marriage proposal predict,
  • lose: Damage,
  • cut themselves in one: if brings quite a lot of bad luck and defamation of character,
  • cut bloody: you are respected and loved,
  • injure: announces losses, - also: Quarrel with friends or somebody from the family circle,
  • flatly separated fingers: Property and inheritance by enemies lose,
  • if a finger is absent: there is no suitable trait, - thumb: stands for courage, assurance and combative mind, - forefinger: stands for aims, patience, ambition, pride and mind of the owner, - middle finger: stands for success, occupation, business, long-term plans, working morale, care, - ring finger: stands for art, beauty, music, communal sense, emotions and sympathies of the owner, - small fingers: stands for mind, language, intellect, material values, literary.


  • clarifies: Honour and fame are given you,
  • take a short-cut and see blood: you have big plans, and you will also manage them if you wisely act.
(See also arm, amputation, thumb, hand, 'body', 'fingernails', 'phallus', forefinger')

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