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Association: - Discovery, - knowledge. Question: - What is I to be taken in possession ready?


The mind of the person owns an unbelievable talent to draw the attention to this what must be done, so that an aim moves in accessible nearness. He uses hiding, searches and finding as metaphors for the strain which one must raise in the awake state to realise his images. If the dreaming finds something without strain in his dream, this is a tip to the fact that also the necessary knowledge will fly to him at the right moment without trouble. In the dream something valuable tells to think that a part of itself has become conscious by the dreaming who will still help to him. Find (for example, an object) can sometimes announce really an unexpected success or profit. However, often one must also count on the opposite, a disappointed expectation or a loss.


At the spiritual level the vision can stand for the fact that the dreaming is about to do the determining next step.



  • an object: Damage suffer,
  • jewellery: a happy event approaches you.

(European ones).:

  • one prepares in his expectations differently, - indicates surprises,
  • something: means wrong hopes,
  • things: if means a lot of money,
  • coins: often presents, but also quarrel, annoyance and reproaches.


  • something: you can count on firmness with a profit.

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