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Association: - Shine and splendour, - recognition, - fame. Question: - Which part of me is ready to be in the limelight?


Actor often appears in the dream if one moves in the reality in circles to which one fits not surely in which one feels unwell. Many people create to themselves an ideal personality on which they project her imagination and wishes. Famous people, popstars and film stars are in the dream a projection screen for all those good qualities which the dreaming himself would have with pleasure. In dreams a fluorescent figure of the public life shows the Animus or the Anima of the dreaming.


At the spiritual level the striving for perfection assumes that the dreaming works through the aspects of his personality to which he has received up to now still no deeper access.


(European ones).:

  • see: desperate longing for something inaccessible lets note the luck nearby,
  • even actor be: one does not feel fine in his circle of acquaintances any more.
(See also film)

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