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Fire brigade


Fire brigade can indicate that one gets in difficulties which one masters, however, with the help of more different successfully. In general the self-control and discipline with which one can better rein his passions is expressed in it. She extinguishes the fires in the dream, translates: the wild passions sprouting in us which threaten to destroy us - her sharp jet of water kills germs which want to weaken our body or our soul. Were you yourselves involved actively in the application? Then you presumably also incline in your feeling area to hold the fire rather too early than too late under control. Rather the opposite applies if one experiences himself in the dream as an entranced observer of a fire who watches the fire application like an exciting film. Maybe an unadmitted slope expresses itself in the symbolism to the pyromania which is content only reluctantly with the controlled licking flames of an open fire. Often recurring fire dreams are absolutely to be understood as a tip that one inclines really - or emotionally - a little bit more than other people for 'kindling'.



  • in general: high-powered friends help you to the success,
  • see going fast: if your aim quickly tries to reach.

(European ones).:

  • exposure of a swindler, also that one should be on the care before wrong friends, swindlers and crooks of all kind,
  • see: one will get in big need, - also: announces worries which bring at last luck,
  • with a syringe see going: if a danger announces,
  • have a breakdown: promises an accident or heavy loss,
  • Driving a young woman with it, then it will be involved in an unconsiderable and notorious affair.


  • your future will nicely develop.

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