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Association: - Mind, - energy, - Purely and cleaning. Question: - In which areas of my life do I look for inspiration or renewal?

medicine wheel:

Huichol apprenticeship: Wisdom

In general:

It is significant whether one dreams of the 'fire' or of a 'fire'. The fire is experienced as a big element of the nature which the person has forced himself not without reverence and feeling of guilt, as all myths tell about the fire robbery, in his service. The fire stands at the beginning of all human culture. This value shines from his glow in the fire dream. Such a dream always leads in the nearness of big mental powers. Since one of the qualities of the soul is her fire. Therefore, the fire appearance is so engaging in Outside for all people, is approaching. The fire calls over - the fire generated panic, allows to flee. Where is worked with fire, the people stop where the glow of a technical stove or smiths - frequent dream symbols - reveals itself, one is seized by a place, because change of the matter and Formung of the hard happens. General joy blazes in freedom and spring fire up, general Destroying, throws the torch of the fire in the houses, drops fires nightmarish from menacing airplanes. Fire as a simile of everlasting life burns with the altar, consumes on the altars of the gods the human offering: in her the sacrificing meets in the fire even the God. The fire speaks where always it lights up, to the person, so also in the dream. The bright light belongs to his being - one thinks what meant this in a not electrified time compared with the night with theirs of the original person so intensely experienced danger. His warmth made the fire originally at the middle of the family, to the domestic cookers, his heat changes the dishes, the metals, and in transferred meaning the hardest melts in the glow of mental and spiritual fire: the human heart. The fire cleans from the accidental, from all cheap unvalues which hang to themselves on us. Where one brings near in the dream face to a big fire who sees pulling up firelight in the sky, that is near divine powers. Many religions speak not without shyness of the fire, in the God chosen met. - Now and then an immense fire also obstructs to the dreamer the way. He has to endure. Some venture, hindurchzugehen - they undertake the highest life venture. A bright fire burns in the dream where somebody is seized by an idea, by some new. Also the erotic Ergriffensein expresses itself possibly - like in popular speeches of the fire of the confidential love, the glow of erotic and sexual desire - alike also in the dream. Where fire is, there something happens, there is life. Therefore vice versa the desolation of the dreams in which only night and darkness rules! However, the fire of the passion like the idea emotion is also a flame in which one can burn. The fire animal is the lion, - authoritatively and wildly he attacks his victim. The fire ray can hit from cheerful and darkened sky incredibly. Fire dreams never are small dreams, - where they flame up, is increased, big, but also endangering life. The mind is a fire, it never is a smoldering fire.


Fire appears as an ambiguous symbol in different connections in the most important dreams. It is an archetypal picture of the mind and the love. It belongs to the most important visions generally because it was for the people and civilisation of fundamental importance. In general one can understand it as an expression of strong feelings, consuming passions, high ideals and elementary strength and energy which are not always safe. It can point in the dream to passion and desire in the positive sense and to frustration, rage, frustration and Destruktivitšt in the negative sense. Positively they can be also understood as a token for the mental cleaning or for change and rebirth. Quite in general these visions stand for the psychic energy. Fire sometimes is also a tip to the fact that the dreaming must transform his sexual power. The exact interpretation depends, for example, on whether the fire is under control.
  • Seeing the dreaming above all the flame of the fire, so he is to the energy which is generated, consciously.
  • the heat of the fire is in the foreground more, the dreaming perceives strong feelings of a person.

The exact meaning arises in particular cases from the accompanying circumstances of the dream and, among the rest, the following individual processes are to be followed:

  • establishing a fire, particularly if somebody helps can predict a romantic connection. If one has recognised his assistant, or was it a stranger
? If one could hold together the fire under control.
  • strong heat of the fire can be the direct representation of the emotional Ichs of the dreaming.
  • burning
  • Becoming the dreaming with living body, this fear of a new respect or a new life phase can express. Maybe the dreaming also feels that he must suffer for his faith.
  • fire appears in dreams often symbol of the cleaning (domestic fuel). The person can make use of the life-making a donation and generating strength of the fire to change his life. After Jung an element of the purification, the old person and stale burns.
  • Where the fire helleuchtend inside or outdoors burns, new will originate, ideas can be realised.
  • Where it to us to the joy heavenward blazes, burning problems can be solved.
  • fire can stand outside for strong feelings which one himself feels or one of others are brought.
  • If the fire burns without spraying spark, one is possibly in good physical and spiritual constitution.
  • around a fire dance often announces happy events above all in feeling relations.
  • Seeing one other people in or in the fire, this can warn against abusing them for his own purposes.
  • blazing fire is to be equated to a physical climax ('be aroused in love').
  • fear of the fire means fear of the absolute devotion.
  • joy by the fire the wish for the absolute devotion.
  • big nearness to the flames points to extreme feelings.
  • Having one the fire only from wide one, the feelings seem be seen to be only hardly tangible.
  • Being the fire in the dream, however, not to dam, spreads out and is above all destructive, a danger lies in it always. This dream could be the tip to a sexual dependence, an injurious and consuming passion or much too fanatical idea. In the dream fire can have not only sexual meaning, however, is due still to erotic trigger charms.
  • fire in a house often points to basic changes in the life which will be unfavorable with bright flames favourably, with dark smoke.
  • a modest fire which certainly burns in the chimney can symbolise feelings of the satisfaction with the personal life.
  • in the cooker lets it to us feel warmth and security. The burning cooker fire often registers that one longs for quiet family luck, however, prosperity and success can also announce.
  • extinguishing
  • Becoming the fire just, this or emotional energy physical the suppression can mean. It is also important to ascertain who was present in the dream. If family, friends or colleagues helped in the fight of the fire
  • The ability a dream fire fast to extinguish, the strength can explain to hit opponent with topical challenges. One thinks about how one has extinguished the fire. If one has used any equipment
? How high did the flames hit, before one could extinguish them?
  • Helping one in the dream with the extinguishing, so this shows that one just processes intensive feelings.
  • gone out cooker fire is understood in old dream books as a warning before informal problems or illnesses.
  • Going out the dream fire, so this could point to the Vereitelung, the erasing some of our plans.
  • a gone out fire can refer to the health which is maybe endangered by a menacing illness, - also gone out feelings and hopes or the erasure of a guilt can be expressed in it.
  • dreams of reaping in flames were interpreted traditionally as a token of a menacing famine or a death. In a modern, and particularly an urban connection such dreams can mean that thin times approach.
  • a mountain fire stands like a beacon for a public rally. It is quite certainly a symbol for communication. Of which message one must inform
? Could somebody try, on the other hand by force with a message one refuses to impress?
  • If in the dream fire and water with each other in connection stand the relation almost always is more emotional: e.g., the extinguishing of fire with water could mean that physical energy is restrained by chill thinking.
  • men sometimes dream of the fact that they extinguish fire with the urine ray and this lets frequent on refusal of a message or close the views or concepts of morality of another person. To prevent this method, the spreading of news, looks in the dream violent and indelicate.
Moreover, still the symbolism of the cinder must be considered in particular cases which can register together with the fire that one arises purified and contently from a process of experience and maturation process.


At this level a fire baptism symbolises a new consciousness of spiritual power and transformation.


On this occasion, it is to be distinguished suitably two things, first the heavenly and divine, secondly the earthly and that which one uses in the everyday life. With the interpretation of the heavenly fire one has to proceed as follows: To look a beaming, pure and small fire in the sky means a threat from on the part of powerful figures, big, extensive, however, prophesies approaching of enemies, infertility and famine (after parallel to the Babylonian astrology). Where the fire appears or from which direction it comes whether from the north or the south, from the west or the east, from there the enemies come near or in those areas infertility will rule. In the worst of all one it is if one sees falling down fire on the earth. Burning torches in the sky mean the same. All these phenomena bring on about the head of the dreaming danger. Since like the sky (supernatural) the universe towers above, according to the head the whole body. If one looks the fire used in the everyday life with small and pure flame burn, it is like Phemonoe (they should have been the oldest prophetess of the delphischen oracle) says, however, from blessing, it blazes immensely and unrestrained, it indicates evil. It is best, the cooker fire shine and purely watch. It means big prosperity, - then where no meals are prepared, one can see no fire on the cooker. If it goes out, bitter poverty threatens, and somebody is ill in the house, it announces the person concerned the death. It is favorable to dream particularly for young people, to carry at night burning torch, - it means for normally pleasant love affairs and successful enterprises because one can see that what is to one before the feet. Against it it is for people who want to remain in the darkness, from evil to see another with a torch. The ethereal fire brings all luck, particularly sick people, - it is to them a sign of the rescue because deads do not take pleasure his.



  • to The fire quite a particular importance comes up, - it is because a symbol of the gods.
  • Dreaming somebody, his house has burnt down, he will be punished by the emperor or princes.
  • catching
  • of having his clothes of fires, the called his respect and his dignity will ruin.
  • Seeing the upholsterers of his bed burn, he will lose his wife or his concubines.
  • burning
  • Being one of his limbs, he will come to the biggest need and distress, according to the meaning of every limb.
  • Eating somebody glowing coal, he will receive from the emperor or a tallness of the country rich presents, - he lights coal in a vessel, he will serve according to the fire glow big men, - he extinguishes the coal with water, he will join in those badly, - the fire reveres due to foot, he will direct to high men a request and be heard, - he collects the cinder, he will receive from them a small, modest property.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he lights a torch and carries them, it prophesies to him fame, victories and setting of his enemies, a my husband will attain after the size of the torch office and dignity.
  • Passing of the emperors to other burning torches and he knows the persons concerned, he will lend them offices and powers, they are unknown to him, grant to his enemies mercy. If he allows to light many lights and torches in the temple or in his palace, he will call together after the number of the lights the most distinguished men to announce a glad confidential message to them, and they all make happy, - the lights go out against his will, he will be pressed according to the darkness by his enemies hard.
  • Dreaming one, the lamp of the house has went out, the landlord will die at whom everybody is in habit to look, - he lights the lamp again, another will take over the regiment in the house, - the light of the lamp becomes so weak that it almost goes out, the landlord will fall ill and become impoverished.
  • Filling to himself the house with smoke, the landlord will be punished according to the density and sharpness of the smoke by the authority, - however, the smoke is odoriferous, he will lend other with gentle words his power, itself, however, a good name make according to the fragrance and the mildness of the smoke.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he carries a torch and she goes out, he will come to distress and live not long, a my husband will lose his position and not achieve the aim of his striving.
  • Seeming it one, he carries fire in his garment, without it burns, he will become a confidant of the emperor and find out his secrets.
  • the landlord rank and respect will win
  • Dreaming somebody, as the burning light sets on fire the container, die afterwards, however.
  • Seeing of the emperors the columns of the temple or his palace burn, prophesies the rule of another and the death of the dignitaries whom he has used, - he himself sets on fire the columns, he himself will get out of the way his dignitaries, - he allows to establish other columns, he will use other officials.
  • Warming to himself somebody by a fire, he will commit himself to a prince and come according to the warming to prosperity, - cold means because poverty.
  • fires would have caught
  • Dreaming to one, his hair on the head, he will lose his property by the authority according to the damage which the fire caused, - the emperor will lose his people during a war against enemies according to the loss of hair.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, his carriage or war carriage has caught fire, he will be humiliated in his dignity, - a robbery of the flames has become of the armchairs by his carriage, he will die, - has burnt down only of the armchairs, his spouse will die. Dreams to him, he goes by the carriage and the wheels caught fire as a result of the friction, he will fall ill according to the strength of the fire, - he plans a campaign, he will give up him.
  • All lights which illuminate a house mean for each luck, respect and power, - they go out, the opposite.
  • or scene of the fire see or enter: in Miss's brightness get, -
  • light: you will gain love after long advertising, - one will attach a new friendship, -
  • lay: your activities are dangerous and bring you around the success, -
  • light burning light: without anticipating it, are loved by a person quietly, -
  • see the light burning: unclouded joy, - the difficulties stop, - success, - sign of the purification, -
  • very big see without smoke: one should learn to rein his passions, -
  • with a lot of smoke: an unhappy misunderstanding, - bad sign, contains the notion of the menacing evil, -
  • with smoke: Love with frustration, - your intentions are thwarted, -
  • extinguish: are made by the relations give up his plan, - hope melts away, -
  • hineinblasen: Disagreement cause, -
  • hineinfallen: a bad misfortune, -
  • by fire suffer damages: Sullenness, -
  • see in your cooker or stove: Child blessing, -
  • going out cooker fire: poverty and need approaches, -
  • very blazing cooker fire with a lot of smoke: Evil or a misunderstanding will bring a lot of annoyance and social problems with itself, -
  • see a fireball in the sky: a hostility brings heavy worries, -
  • of the sky see falling: you must suffer wrong, -
  • about the same run away: Freeing from an oppressive load.


  • An explanation of this picture depends extensively on the remaining signs which appear in the same dream. In general fire is valid as an omen for cleaning, recovery and purification, however, is to be calculated on disagreeable chances and/or strokes of fate if it accepts destructive magnitude. In principle the symbol wants to admonish the dreaming not to slight the brass laws of the life. Anyway the dreaming should be aware that he is in a life phase where he cannot be careful enough. (Man

(European ones).:

  • one of the most important symbols, - it is destroying according to situation, stimulating, warming, - in so far as well or disconcerting, - domestic fuels are always to be followed because a house is to be looked as a person, - often warning dream or liquidation of the past things, -
  • the symbol of the family life and the peaceful family life, - also: favourably if one does not burn in it, -
  • happy feelings at the sight of from fire: generate the wish for limitless devotion, -
  • are afraid of the fire: if means fear of the absolute devotion, -
  • for seafarers and travellers: if Li> brings persistent prosperity,
  • big blaze: if a favorable and sure trip, for belletrists means for sailors success and honourings as well as boundless success for businessmen, -
  • fire phenomena: point there to exposures of a crime and to healing of a sick person, -
  • make in the free field or see: one will close a nice friendship, -
  • light one: you expect many pleasant surprises, - you will visit distant friends, - loyal love, -
  • promises
  • the light burning: if joy and love means in the family, -
  • see a big fire without smoke: one should rein his passions something, -
  • with smoke: if annoyance and evil announces, -
  • the small which causes no damage: insignificant news expects, -
  • the expiring: if brings grief, -
  • extinguish one itself: hope is destroyed, -
  • see dance around one or dancing others: if Li> tells a happy excursion in,
  • get in: if Li> brings big damage,
  • suffer in a combustion: Deteriorations of the circumstances, -
  • see in the stove or cooker: View of children or a lot of joy by those, -
  • extinguish in the stove or cooker: if means a serious illness, -
  • from the air see falling: meant incommodities, -
  • burns the home: if Li> promises a loving partner, well-behaved children and circumspect employees,
  • a businessman dreams
  • that his business burns and he watches: in the commercial life have a big breakthrough and remunerative profits, - he fights against the fire without burning himself: if he is procured about the guidance of his business very much, - he sees the ruins of his store after a fire: if means misfortune, - he already wants to give up his efforts to achieve a big property and excellent commercial results, when unforeseen luck enters.


  • Also the fire calls various people.
  • Dreaming somebody, a place, field or house burns down as a result of a blaze completely, will die man of the house and the local residents by war or heavy illness, - the fire burns without flame and destroys it not everything, but only parts, the misfortune will be lower.
  • the evil state and people will meet
  • Dreaming this the emperor or a master.
  • combustion own clothes, threatens those people downfall who are called by the respective garment, as demonstrated, - somebody dreams, one of his limbs burns, the misfortune will meet those people who are meant by the concerning limb.
  • consumed of a glowing coal without smoke and flame, he will attain so much gold from orphans, as he consumed coal.
  • Finding, has or protects to a glowing coal without flame and smoke, he will agree according to a lot of gold.
  • Becoming somebody of flames seized, but not destroyed, he will be sued after the measure of the licking flames by a rogue, - however, it has become a robbery of the flames, he will be punished by the prince or die during the war against enemies or be struck by the heavy Bubonenkrankheit or, otherwise, a suffering, - however, a fire has burnt him without flames, he will be got covered with a fine.
  • takes up to a cinder or Aschenlauge, he will give wrong report or slander others.
  • Catching one in a stove or oven of fires, he will be punished by big man who is a benefactor of the people.
  • Dreaming one, he makes fire under a pot, he will get with the house father in whose house he looked this face violent in quarrel, - this dream is interpreted, therefore, in such a way because the eyes of all house comrades are directed upon the pot. If he fires with wood, he will deliver a battle of words with the landlord. If one warms to food bread or dishes on the fire, he will consume under the power another his bread or feed himself with fear and shivering.
  • Holding somebody a burning torch in hands, he will get power according to the blazing torch, - other fires also light in the torch, he will grant to them portion in power.
  • Every fire which is without smoke and flame means illegally acquired gold, such with flame and smoke to power, war and illness how is above-said.
  • Groping about one in the darkness around and lights a torch to find the way, he will try, if he can see again, with all strength to attain joy and power and also bring such, provided that he lighted the torch, - this is not the case, will stamp in the opposite. If the emperor dreams this, he will risk everything to attain bigger fame, and
[his aim also reach, - a monk will gain strength after this dream] in his faith.
    he will honour
  • Donating somebody to another light, him and praise.
  • lights one a fire to warm itself, and he warms himself in it, he will direct to the prince a petition and think so much support how he has warmed himself, - then cold means in general poverty, - however, he makes a fire to roast meat, and he roasts it, he will put on to sue people and to bring behind bars according to his working with the roast, - he eats the roasted, he will load in front of everyone sin and disgrace on himself, but also itself enrich according to the amount, which he consumed, and are tormented.
  • one can on no account lay out
  • a fire fire favourably, except, it concerns a businessman, - he dreams because, his business or the place where it is, has burnt down, it prophesies to his enterprise shining times and quick growth, admittedly, linked with fear and mockery.
  • in the stove: your children are not under the best supervision, -
  • extinguish: you will do to yourself harm, -
  • besides,
  • suffer damage: you are disgruntled, -
  • see burning brightly: you are loved, -
  • in the cooker: your children must be better educated.
(See also cinder, flash, fire, thunder bird, flames, bonfire, glow, house, domestic fuel, candle, light, 'poking')

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