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medicine wheel:

Key words: Medicine tools, - power, - healing, - supernaturally, - mysteriously, - magic. Description: A fetish is a real object which is looked with feelings of the reverence. From such objects one says that supernatural forces are inherent in them, because they represent a powerful part of the big mystery. Some cultures assume from the fact that the mind of the being which is shown with the fetish inspires this really. Monotheistische cultures look at the fetishes of animistischer cultures with disdain and overlook the fact with the fact that her own artefacts are also fetishes. General meaning: Dream of the being substituted with the fetish, - of working preparation on it, with which by the fetish shown, - fear before and desire for that what the fetish embodies, - something which is mysterious for you, inspiring or full reverence. Association: Fetishism, - something to which you are proved to be unusually strong or excessive, - a little bit or somebody to whom you give your love without reservation, - a current nichtsexuelles object which causes sexual feelings in the viewer, - a magic which is used by an "uncultured" society. Transcendent meaning: a gift of the power, transmits by the object which the fetish represents, or from the creation empire from which the fetish comes.

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