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Festival banquet / feast / banquet

medicine wheel:

Key words: Celebration, - rich meal, - special treatment, - pleasure. Description: A banquet formed the end of the most important ceremonies with trunks close to the earth and was, in his own manner, again a ceremony for itself. After a Schwitzhüttenritual, a wedding, a naming, the change of the seasons or a funeral a banquet ordinarily took place. In addition the best dishes were passed which were available to the people who straightened the ceremony. A banquet is a symbol for prospering, fullness, joy and gratitude. General meaning: Fullness, - growing prosperity, - celebration, - joy, - joy in the part, - entertainment. Association: »The big food«. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the pleasure, the entertainment and joy in a dream, - celebrations of an important spiritual event, - deep understanding of that what means fulfilment for you.


Dreams of festivities reflect most probably a feeling of the satisfaction to have a little bit accomplished / perfect one. As we feel, besides, and hold back and what goes forward generally, the deeper meaning of the dream brings to the prelight. If the dreaming has in his dream the job to serve with a festival banquet, he must pay attention to the fact that the good things are not kept from him in the life because he is too unselfish. If he himself is a guest of the banquet, the dream wants to draw the attention of him to his need for food (not only for the body).


The festival banquet is a symbol for the human need for spiritual food.



  • luck and blessing, property increase and friends.

(European ones).:

  • promises happy surprise,
  • besides,
  • see turmoil and bad behaviour: if a portent is for quarrel and misfortune, caused by negligence or illness,
  • come too late: irritating problems will claim attention.

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