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Association: - Width, - sphere of activity. Question: - What is I to be cultivated to me ready?


The dreaming must be aware of the wide rooms in which he can form his life, and he must recognise what corresponds to his nature, and maybe return to the basic. Field circumscribes a certain part of the personality (e.g.: Interests) or an area of life (e.g.: the occupation). According to the accompanying circumstances the following exact interpretations are possible:
  • Finding to itself the dreaming in his dream on a field, so he is maybe in search of a new sphere of activity.
  • field plough success promises in a new area of life for which one must exert himself, however, considerably.
  • field with stones indicates obstacles on the other life.
  • fallow field symbolises qualities and abilities which one does not use.
  • field farm announce worries and need which one can overcome, however, by hard work.
  • green field stands for success and prosperity by intensive strain. The other can show it a wide space of the rest and the balance in the awake life.


At the spiritual level the field stands for mother earth, for the big breadwinners and possibly for the 'field of the dreams'.


One of the dignitaries Mamun had a dream and, therefore, turned to the interpreter of dreams Sirin: 'To Me dreamt, I would stand on a wide, level field which was first densely covered and full grass, then, however, became dry and bald.' The interpreter of dreams Sirin answered: 'That which dreamt this has an unsteady and ambivalent being.' And how Sirin had judged, his judgment was confirmed in the dreaming.



  • see vacant, (fallow): Hopelessness,
  • infertile, with weed the covered: Sluggishness and negligence,
  • tilled, greening or blossoming: you may look with big hope in the future, - wealth and well-being,
  • plough up: you will destroy by your worried being every hope,
  • farm, see sow and planting: worthwhile work, - your property grows, - luck and success,
  • farm: one will soon experience misery and war,
  • commit: Flat for the future is fixed, - success,
  • measure: you protect your property from thieves and loss,
  • on a country lane go: a love affair meets you.


  • The field reflects the present state of the dreaming. A green and ordered field symbolises well-being and prosperity, a withered and neglected field points to losses in selfdebt. The sign wants to remind the person concerned of the fact that he himself is man about his life and can push over to no one else the responsibility.

(European ones).:

  • Hindeutung on future activity,
  • see a nicely green one: good times, - you have good acquisition in view,
  • greens or with richly wheat on it: Health, - also: big wealth and luck,
  • plough up: your activity will succeed, - brings a lot of work,
  • freshly furrowedly: Success in the enterprises, - property increase and quick honour,
  • plant: War and misery,
  • see grain field: one will reach the summit of the luck,
  • go for a walk in green fields: Success, love,
  • dead grain or stoppelige fields: if sombre future prospects,
  • prophesy
  • see laid waste: Famine,
  • the fallow: Li> tells the shutdown of an enterprise in,
  • food worries, -
  • the laid waste: points to a sad future,
  • with dropped sheets covers: Grief.


  • farm: War and misery move through the country,
  • the green: Wealth by diligence,
  • lays waste: Need and misery come about the country.
(See also field)

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