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Often they show two souls in the person to breast which fight against each other to remove mistake which falsify our character. Like all people appearing in the dream enemies also point to certain qualities of the dreaming. They stand as a symbol for the sides which the dreaming does not like in himself and tries to fight, thus, e.g., negative behaviour patterns, views, inclinations or feelings. Above all if one sees himself as an enemy, one should often try to reconcile internal contradictions, to find peace and harmony with himself, to take care and to love independently. Importantly for the interpretation is again the whole dream action and the feelings which the dreaming brings to the dream enemies or which cause this in him, also the behaviour of these people. If one recognises in the dream an opponent from the awake life and kills him, the unconscious wants to say us that this hostility can only damage us. Enemy also warns in the dream about quarrel, problems and cunning in the awake life.


All men and women in the dream whom one seen or meets and to one damage or have damaged, mean misfortune, - one must understand because the looked people as effigies of his personal relations, namely the friends as good ones, the enemies as the bad ones. If one dreams of appealing to personal enemies and of kissing, the hostility will have an end. The friends who maintain with the enemies of the dreaming contact and combine with them quarrel with the dreaming. Philinos dreamt, one of his comrades wants to go together with his enemies on travelling. He fell out with his comrade for reasons of who dealt nothing with his enemies.



  • see: Incommodities have,
  • welcome: you will reconcile yourself with your enemies,
  • speak: Quarrel and quarrel,
  • meet him: Esteem on underhandedness,
  • reconcile themselves with them: his competitors defeat,
  • defeat: Luck during heavy days, - a competitor put out of action and in a difficult situation find a solution, - also: your trouble will be worthwhile and bring success,
  • kiss: from a brief acquaintance a long and loyal friendship will originate,
  • squabble with them: watch out for heavy losses,
  • fight: you deal it with disagreeable people, if rest and patience preserves and you succeed.


  • so peculiarly sounds - a good omen is to be dreamt of an enemy: They can count on the support by your friends. The more badly the enemy in the dream your real friends are the better to you. Moreover, you are called on for not forgetting the value of the friendship.

(European ones).:

  • the warning dream which should rouse certain instincts before person of the closer surroundings,
  • to unknown ones see: if means the opposite, a new friendship originates or proves itself,
  • get: meant profit,
  • meet several enemies: Esteem on underhandedness,
  • with them play and speak: if is a sign of misfortune and loss,
  • in the field or war: if mean quarrel and annoyance,
  • are slandered by enemies: must count on misses at the work, - the plans should be carried out with the biggest care,
  • defeat: one can handle all difficulties in the commercial life and take pleasure of the biggest prosperity,
  • defeat in every regard: if profit,
  • prophesies
  • are defeated: there follow adverse circumstances, - this dream can be taken literally,
  • reconcile themselves with one: warns about wrong friends.


  • defeat: Misery will strike you.
(See also war, friends, relatives)

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