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Because of her form the fig is associated with sexuality, fertility and prosperity. Cowardly stands often for sexual needs, above all with younger people, - in general one interprets them also as an origin of the physical and mental-spiritual fertility. Nevertheless, mostly she has erotic meaning, her sweetness allows to expect luck-like togetherness. Food of a fig could symbolise the wish for sexual union (the phallic simulation which Greek women carried on Dionysosfesten in a basket with themselves was carved of fig wood), mostly, however, only the creative male strength which animates the everlasting-female is indicated. In southern countries the fig has the same meaning like in our widths the plum (see there). A fig tree in the dream points as a rule to the fact that the dreaming with a deeper spiritual consciousness is in touch from which he had before no knowledge. In the older Jewish mythology not the apple, but the fig is the forbidden fruit. In southern countries the fig tree stands as a life or paradise tree.


At the spiritual level the fig stands for extrasensory abilities and a direct connection with the beginnings of the material life.


Figs at the moment of her maturity bring luck, at any other time they announce denunciations and menaces, - then for the old people threaten used the word sykazein (grich. syka = figs, - Sykophanten were called originally people who indicated professional citizen who explained ban-contrary figs from Attika, then everybody which denounced in any thing - possibly under extortion - other erroneously). Bright figs mean nice, cheerful weather only to the people who work under free sky, however, storm and rain gets dark, while they predict the remaining people nothing above the coming weather state. It dreamt to one which had a rich, but ill sister that before their house a fig tree has grown from which he picks dark figs, seven in the number, and consumes. The sister died, after she had lived another seven days and had used the dreaming as heirs. The reasons are obvious.



  • see: longing love,
  • eat: Luck in the love, - a nice love affair experience,
  • immature ones: warn about denunciation and menace.


    sexual experiences of the highest desire prophesy
  • fresh figs, dry figs symbolise a secure and peaceful old age. The sign wants to say the dreamer that he stick to his plans, should scoop from the full one and enjoy his life and his success: Unproblematic times full of relish approach! (Woman
+ / man +/child-)

(European ones).:

  • as a purely sexual symbol to understand which is seen with young people often in connection with new adventures, - also: unexpected and happy event,
  • see growing: Health is sure to one,
  • one or several see: one longs for love,
  • refines see and eat: one will come to better relations, - the dear expectations and hopes will soon come true, - luck in the married life,
  • dry ones see: Decrease of the property, - warns about disappointments in a love relationship,
  • pick: Success in a plan,
  • receive given: brings amicable traffic, - luck often symbolises in the love,
  • Dreaming a young woman of the fact that she sees growing figs will make them in near future a good part.


  • receive: now you have luck in the love,
  • see or eat: Joy and profit.
(See also tree, plum)

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