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Association: - Elementarily, - natural mind. Question: - Into which areas beyond the normal would like I to penetrate?


Fairy (natural mind) has similar meaning like the faun, only transfer on the woman. Because fairies show elementary energy, her appearance refers in the dream to the connection of the dreaming with such forces in itself. Maybe the brighter side of his being to him is thereby lifted in the consciousness. It means, fairies are kapriziös, and, hence, they can stand for the personality portion in the person who admits no control and longs for reacting freely and spontaneously. The gentle beauty sometimes steps at determining moments in the vision if it is a matter of fulfilling quite private wishes. One can interpret them as a need for a romantic love relationship. With women she can represent the own I which would like to be polished up emotionally, with men own woman or the friend whom one would see with pleasure more willing, or the Anima, the female in the man. It is a current myths and fairy tale symbol for advice and help from a 'better world'. The proverbially good fairy releases to us three wishes - and in cramped or hopelessly seeming situations one dreams now and then of her - if, otherwise, 'nothing more helps'!


At the spiritual level fairies in the dream can symbolise an access to the world of the extrasensory perception.



  • see: happy life, - personal luck and fulfilment of confidential wishes, - (22, 66) advice and help from high place receive,
  • speak: quick engagement.

(European ones).:

  • a very good dream which indicates luck, long life and success - How by a miracle takes the destiny a luck-like idiom.
  • old symbol of the love to the other gender,
  • see: happy future, - personal luck, - fulfilment of long-preserved wishes,
  • with one talk: quick engagement or marriage.
(See also elf, faun, witch)

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