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Fencing (fencer) can announce that one will get with a being close person in quarrel. Now and again a disposition which reflects on revenge and repayment for suffered actual or putative wrong is also expressed in it. With tactics, finesse and feints one tries to come to the aim. However, upcoming enterprises can be successful only by careful tarpaulins. Besides, should be respected in the way of the discussion. She should be elegant according to the occasion. Who sees fencing to itself or another in the dream which would have to go to assert itself in the awake life, 'fence' are a matter (begging), a fact against which our soul struggles.



  • with an opponent on life and death: Death danger,
  • even: your wishes are thwarted, - fear around loss by honour and respect, - also: you are equal to your opponent, there comes to the fight,
  • see: you will fall out with friends.

(European ones).:

  • negative dream sign, - tells quarrel in, - also: one will soon make hard demands for one,
  • with the weapon: one will fall out with friends, - also: if registers an adventure with which the mind will be the only weapon
  • besides,
  • are wounded: if a misfortune registers,
  • besides,
  • injure another: Incommodities,
  • in terms of begging: one will practice repayment.
(See also sword, knife, sword)

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