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Fax / fax machine

Association: - shrivel from space and time. Question: - What is I to be informed immediately ready?


The telecopier (fax) is a dream symbol for the trouble-free communication. Indeed, is to be considered with the fact that this communication is not based on a personal meeting. It is an indirect communication. These messages of a concealed spring or from a concealed part of the own are supplied to the dreaming often by logical means and functional devices. Even if the message itself is maybe incomprehensible - it is not the kind of her transmission. Possibly is aware to the dreaming that somebody would like to get in touch with him. It often seems in the dream that the fax does not run through. With it is expelled to a communication inhibition and often also to the longing for direct communication. The preservation of a facsimile, a telegramme or a fax in the dream means: Urgently! namely with the trend that one moves something which absolutely needs quick execution or remedy. The contents of the correspondence may completely be without connection to the actual problem and show a request in his easiest form just that one must do, finally, something or decide. It is a difference between a 'old-fashioned' telegramme and modern fax news. What appears of both in the dream, hangs together maybe also with own age and generation. If one is already older and has disagreeable recollections of telegrammes which one got, then one should not attach to a dream telegramme excessively a lot of meaning.


In the dream a fax machine can have a spiritual colouring, - these can be means to transmit messages from him 'On the other side'.


(European ones).:

  • receive a fax: the unfavorable news which concerns the occupation is not distant,
  • send a fax: a business partner will disappoint one.
(See also telegramme)

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