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Key words: Abstain from the food and / or the water, - cleaning, - ritual preparation. Description: Fasting tells to renounce for a settled time food and/or water, generally as a preparation on a ceremony, above all on threshold ceremonies, as the vision search she explains. Some trunks close to the earth would call that what we call today vision search fasting or dreams or fasting search. The renunciation of food and/or water should lead closer to the mind beings which depend neither on food nor on liquid. The ritual victims of these joys permit a deeper connection with the gods or mind beings to you. A Lent can also be a voluntary renunciation to the sign of the grief or the coaches. General meaning: Abstention, - feelings of the loss, - feelings of the Opferns, - Give away in the expectation of a spiritual experience. Association: Weight reduction, Lent. Transcendent meaning: A dream of the preparation on an important spiritual event in your life.


Fasting amounts to a retreat from the everyday life, a reaction which can be caused by grief. Who fasts, that has in the awake life not enough energy to assert himself vigorously. Sometimes points also to psychic lack states which would have to be removed. Fasting can also mean in the dream that the dreaming tries to clear an emotional trauma or that his attention on a cleansing need is concentrated. This can be the case if one fasts voluntarily to escape from 'slags', - then it stands in the dream symbolically for a fresh start in the life in which one leaves behind the former charges, releases from them in a happier life goes. If one must fast, should promise after old dream books Success and Respect. Now and again fasting can also point to an illness which still causes no symptoms, - in unclear cases an investigation is advisable.


At the spiritual level fasting is a symbol for a change in awareness.



  • A cheerless heavy time begins, has, however, patience, she soon passes. To caretakers! also: you will come to financial difficulties, - one will have to go through healthwise something and is sent a reminder in sexual regard to practice abstinence.


  • of the fasting is to be dreamt a recommendation, of trying, of compensating even caused wrong again. We should observe our behaviour more critically, because a lot arises from the fact that we keep for better, more attractively and more successfully than we appear to the outside: We should give, while we remember of the easy values of the life again.

(European ones).:

  • with consciousness fast or starve: means that the expected or desired thing will come true, - glad times approach, - also: points to a long-constant illness.


  • have to go: you will acquire honour and respect to you by your appearance and behaviour.
(See also food, hunger)

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