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Facade symbolises what we reveal to the outside by our behaviour of ourselves. In the dream she can warn against adapting herself too much to the norms and expectations more different, against placing too much value of the external light because one cannot be frank then any more and must give up himself in his individuality. Now and then the warning is expressed in it before a mental illness (schizophrenia), because in the prestage the affected persons often place very big value to simulate outwardly an intact facade. Also the informal conflicts which are delivered not openly become sometimes apparent by such dreams which warn about the artificial family harmony. With a crumbling or cracked facade we should place more value of our appearance, - then 'like you come gone, you will also conceive. ' If the facade collapses, the fear appears in it, the external appearance any more were not to be able to do what means a disaster for some people. If the appearance of an inside repair-destitute house is nice, we hold the external light in a fragile connection straight. A freshly painted or in other manner renovated facade mostly points out to how one should change his behaviour outwardly sensibly in the harmony with himself or is already present.



  • One hides something from you and wants to deceive you.
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