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medicine wheel:

Wolf clan apprenticeship: Seeing, - the clan animal of the April, - the »small eagle«.


The dangerous bird is a symbol for foresight and freedom by power - but also for an aggressive and passionate opponent who could have seen it on the dreamer. Does the falcon of your dream have 'human trains'? To whom does he look similar? Care! The dream of a trained falcon or another trained animal possibly shows an energy which is bundled up for a certain plan, without moreover the attention of some behavioral regulations is required. The strength which is available to the dreaming, so that he can master his way successfully, must be used moderately. Such a dream confronts the dreaming with his aims, hopes and wishes. The falcon in the dream would be also better an allusion on own powers of observation, but also at the wish to overlook problems or the life generally. The falcon, in the fall flight on the prey herunterstößt, circumscribes the request of the unconscious to grab, finally, in a still unsettled matter. If the bird pulls undisturbed his circles in the sky, is from the high ideals the speech which one should realise in the life.


At the spiritual level the falcon stands for the rise and unconditional desire for freedom.


The falcon means a royal and rich woman who is proud of her beauty, cleverness and fine manners owns. However, the falcon can also represent a person with the same behaviour patterns and trains of the animal.



  • see: for hunters good views on the hunt, - for other dangerous friends,
  • on a tree see sitting: Acquaintance with a rich and clever woman make,
  • carry even on the arm: Honour in close future,
  • see flying: you are cheated.


  • Flying the falcon, so he promises to us overview and success.
  • a grey and depressing time expects to us
  • Flying he not. In addition, we should take ourselves and our thoughts more seriously and argue more and better with our environment and our living conditions. Since in such a way as we live currently, we lack sometimes overview.

(European ones).:

  • you is surrounded by enemies who are minded with envy, - also: finally, one can escape from many years' compulsions,
  • see: one will hold hunting luck,
  • of A young woman the defamation threatens by a rival.
(See also eagle, animals, red tail buzzard,' birds')

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