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Association: - Power, - strength, - movement, - means to reach to the aim. Question: - How much strength do I have? How is my setting on the subject power?


Vehicle (no matter what kind) stands for life changes, - it is in good state, one can count on a favourable trend, with defects, however, with problems and obstacles. The exact meaning arises from the kind of the vehicle. A means of transportation with which one hopes to make headway faster on the life. If we can move from own strength or should walk, the dream informs us by the fact, that go we or by a bicycle.

land vehicles:

It is different with public means of transportation and the car. The car seems in the dream first as a truck and as a passenger car. As a truck it refers to the load which we carry around with ourselves, and it is important to know what this truck has loaded, because it clears up us about our loads and worries. If one dreams of the passenger car, the individual life coping and the life creation is demanded with it with which one is separated from other people if one goes alone. With the carriage the make of car or the kind of the carriage is especially important, because with her the symbolic value hangs together. The train is against it collective locomotion means. Train tells to go to proceed on the other hand in rest of a place and/or to work, besides, and/or to let fly the thoughts with the passing scenery. Importantly with the train and the streetcar is the agreed way from which there are no individual divergences. With it all public means of transportation owns a tip to a collective movement direction. The coach is as a vehicle not engaged in rails, more individually than streetcar and train. The coach expresses as a rule our communal sense. The dreams in which the dreamer does not catch the train are relatively frequent. This refers not seldom to an attitude to life that own life passes unused or one has missed a chance.


The locomotion on or in the water points to our respect with our feelings. If we swim, we are in the direct contact with the water symbolising the feeling. If we go in a boat, our contact with our feeling is more reserved. Besides, is to be noted whether the boat is a sail boat or motorboat which we ourselves steer or whether it concerns a ferry or a liner which drives an agreed route. If we steer the boat ourselves, we handle by own will and with own images with our feelings. With the sailing ship it is expelled to the propelling strength of the wind symbolising the intellect. If we are on a liner, we handle mostly unaware with our feelings, unless, we see ourselves as a captain of this ship.


The locomotion in the air points to our respect with mind and intellect. Who proceeds in the air and upwards, that gets a good overview. On the other side the aviation also always points to taking off, - that is we should look more after our ground, so around our everyday life. Aviation can be formed in the dream in different manner: We can fly in the dream ourselves, while we simply rise in the air. However, we can also fly in the airplane, in the zeppelin or in a balloon. With the balloon we are mostly a match ball of our intellect. The zeppelin refers, by his incalculable phallischen form, to the sexuality and 'removing' in the orgasm. Also the airplane may release similar associations.



  • The old Egyptians said from that who saw a vehicle or went in him, he wants to attain a sure projection before his competitor who comb on foot worse forward.

(European ones).:

  • good advancement is to be expected, - also: menacing losses or illness,
  • from one are flung: Omens for disagreeable news,
  • see a broken one: if a failing forecasts with important plans,
  • buy one: in the former position return,
  • sell: the things run less well for one.
(See also car, railway, driving, trip and single means of transportation)

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