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Association: - Patriotism, - identification. Question: - For whom does my loyalty be valid?


The flag in the dream symbolises own views, hopes, plans and ideals and in general a sign for enthusiasm ability, group thinking and idealism, the signal to exert itself completely for a thing or a person. The flag symbolises, firstly, the need to bring thought and actions in correspondence with each other. If she is in the dream, nevertheless, of commercial kind, it stands for the need moved in the field of vision for possession or for possession acquisition. It can also be a symbol of a place at which people with the same sighting and religious images assemble, or stand for old-fashioned principles and religious images. She may also stand for patriotism and Streitbarkeit. If the vision is accompanied by positive sensations, this is a sign for passionate feeling, thinking and action. If the flag is, however, on At half-mast or damaged, this is a signal for lost ideals, injured or abused feelings and suffered disappointments. The flagpole symbolises a stabilising strength or a meeting place. Archetypal symbol of worldly joy, consequently often a picture of the sensuousness which is to be interpreted, however, hardly by the feeling, rather from the desire. From psychoanalyst sometimes as a floor with a fluttering piece of cloth seen: translates: the phallische floor with the motherly-female material and the fluttering is seen as a union of both elements. Also here the colour of the cloth is important. According to the accompanying circumstances one can reach to the to be followed interpretations:
  • This hoist or catch up to a flag has national and territorial overtones.
  • own flag can hoist a request be not to put own light under the bushel and to develop more assurance with regard to own abilities and actions.
  • carry flag. They have the wish to follow a higher ideal. Consider, however, whether it is really your ideal, or whether you are to the power cravings more different to services.
  • flag carry honour and high respect announces if one remains loyal to itself.
  • flag can swing a happy event promise.
  • flag should see fluttering on worries and problems in close future point.
  • feelings of guilt, shame and remorse lower symbolised often
  • flag because of a mistake which one has committed.
  • black flag can indicate misfortune, grief, disputes or deaths.
  • red flag stands for energy and vitality or evil and evil.


The flag is a symbol of the victory. The people who assemble under the banner of the spiritual cruise need default for right behaviour.



  • one of the wind whipped, see: dangerous chances are put out, - one will be able to turn away at the last minute a great danger or get bad news,
  • carry: you will harvest envy and malice because of your fame, - one can work out to himself chances of a political career and a high post in politics or economy,
  • on At half-mast: your enterprises will yield no profit,
  • red ones see: Danger is in the suit, care is offered,
  • white ones see: a happy event, - profit,
  • coloured ones: if a lot of joys forecast in the next time,
  • black ones see: an enemy will cause trouble, - also: Death, - grief or forthcoming grief.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for life plans, creations and polarities, - professional success,
  • flying ones see: if brings hardship and grief,
  • in the wind: Firmly,
  • carry: meant big respect,
  • lower: meant remorse for an action,
  • in a pageant: Heart grief,
  • black ones: Affliction, grief, - tells hostility in,
  • swing: good times will come,
  • carry the national flag: one will prove to his country a service,
  • many flags in the houses see: the government of the country will rule with a strong fist, - political power plays in the native country,
  • Who sees a flagpole in women's dreams or carries, indicates with it sexual wishes and desires.


  • carry: you will reach to high honour and respect,
  • see fluttering: a danger is turned away.
(See also 'burial', to place, 'ship')

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