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Fields in the dream produce a connection with the female side and the intuitive forces of the being. Particularly in the dream of a woman fields can show sensuousness and sexuality. Fields can stand for coquetry and Ziererei with which one wants to draw the attention to himself, - in this sense he often appears with women who really incline to this behaviour and have the need to be central always, above all when with him wind is made. Maybe the wish is also expressed to hide his true qualities and intentions to deceive others. Fields can be also looked as a symbol of the openness for new experiences and for creativity. If the dreaming fans with himself in his dream with a field Air, this means that he expels bad forces with him.


At the spiritual level increasing and decreasing of the moon symbolises of the fields in the dream.



  • see: Petty jealousies will torment you,
  • own: meant incredible love,
  • to itself with it cooling zuwedeln: console themselves.

(European ones).:

  • sign of the vanity, female weakness, announces more or less jealousy and deception, - true intentions are covered or dressed up, - coquetry with real wishes and plans,
  • see: good news and surprises in the next future,
  • fans itself with a young woman air or is fanned with her, this is a promise for a new, pleasant acquaintance, - she loses old fields, she finds out that a good friend is interested in other women.

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