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Adam as an ancestor of the humanity in the dream often as a symbol of the Körperlichkeit and sensuousness (colloquially 'old Adam') appears which is not canalised enough by the consciousness, - then he is to be understood as a request to rein the sensuousness more and to promote the spiritual area. Partially Adam stands also for own father who loads the relation to him which good or negative influence on the personal development and for conflicts, which. The exact analysis is possible only individually and will lead to the detailed self-knowledge. It is looked in general as a good omen if you meet in the dream one of our first parents, Adam or Eva. If you speak to them or they with you, points to some delays in the realisation of your dreams. Are patient, therefore. The sight of Adam and Eva is together the luck custody Estonian dream which one can have.



  • Adam and Eva see: you have big luck in the love.


  • a very positive dream symbol: (After the tradition) to see the first man of the humanity in the dream points out to the fact that a desirable image will come true if one works on her realisation a little bit. The symbol wants to encourage the dreaming to take in hand the creation of his own life more actively and more powerfully. Since though he believes in big ideals, tries to reach them, however, seldom even roughly.

(European ones).:

  • Adam and Eva see in the paradise: Luck and profit,
  • Adam with fig leaf and Eva with the queue see around the hips and abdomen: Malice and false faith influence her destiny,
  • Eva with the queue hear talking or see: sly women will do to your prosperity and call harm,
  • young woman means, she embodies Eva: Temptation by the Bad, in the form of a young attractive man and she pays the price with non-existence for it.
(See also Eva)

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