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Excellently (precious stone) often warns about selfoverestimation which leads to the arrogance and brings on conflicts with others, - at the same time can be pointed out to the fact that behind the exterior light in truth considerable feeling of inferiority and insecurity stands which one tries to hide by boasting, as well as that something would still have to be polished in us. However, it can also be that the precious stone embodies a high ideal or a faithfully loving person whom one has not followed up to now maybe or has slighted.



  • see with others: watch out for wrong friends and flatterers,
  • purely and polished: Symbol for incorruptibility and clarity, - calculating power striving and intellectual arrogance,
  • carry one in own hand: one is revered by a person in close vicinity,
  • several carry in hand or neck: point to illness or misfortunes,
  • lose a diamond ring: a separation of a beloved person approaches.

(European ones).:

  • see: one has or finds a person who loves self-sacrificing,
  • see in itself, in hand or in the neck: one tries to cover constantly his feeling of inferiority with outward appearances (also boasting), - bluff, - own overestimation,
  • see in others: if means a warning of wrong people,
  • get as a gift: Engagement or improvement of the situation, - a happy event,
  • lose: a person whom one loves will leave.
(See also diamond, precious stones)

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