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Frying pan

Association: - Cooking device or weapon, - basic equipment. Question: - What do I contribute? In which manner do I return to the easy things of the life?

In general:

Frying pan can be understood as roast, in particular if is a little bit in it.
  • The empty frying pan against it often announces a forthcoming disappointment or losses.
  • Who roasts something in her, that wants to allow to braise another to reach more with him.
  • with Freud has the frying pan female sexülle meaning.


The frying pan means damage and a lascivious women's room.



  • loss of every kind.

(European ones).:

  • you has or gets a lickerish woman,
  • see an empty one: Disappointment,
  • about the fire see with the food preparation: Profit,
  • cook themselves a meal with it: Signs for an unfavorable quarrel,
  • wash a dirty one or clean: one will be contented with an enterprise.


  • softy not from your way.
(See also pot)

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