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Fire has an ambivalent meaning, can promise destruction and setting by own mistakes as well as joy and luck. It is the fire of the destruction, the passion, the suffering creates and can feed itself only from the possession of the soul. Kindled by internal or external experience, mental energy has become destructive here. The discovery of a source of fire in the dream can cause if it is not a recollection of real events a conversion of our present life and requires conscience and feeling research. It can concern in the fire only suppressed affects of the rage, the revenge. Now and then these dreams are signs of spiritual illness. Fire dreams must be taken seriously very much. To this simile the soul reaches only if she sees serious danger. One should observe where in the house (see there) the fire breaks out.
  • is Unfavorably a smoldering or puffing away fire which can draw the attention, among the rest, to problems by internal insecurity and wrong objective against which one fights in vain.
  • happy events signal
  • bright flames against it. Now and again there can be expressed in the fire also the wish for the radical life changes from which one arises purified and successfully like the phoenix from the cinder (see under this headword).
  • Being it in the roof framework, concludes, for example, by a less mental development.
  • in case of the fire in a stable our driving forces are affected, fire dreams are in contrast to dreams of fire (see there) always a simile of the danger which threatens us or our loves. In this case one should pursue once feeling and conscience research to track down a possible mental source of fire and to try afterwards the reconstruction of lost substance.


A fire always symbolises lacks of clarity, uncertainties and the auxiliary need of the dreamer.



  • see, bright fire: is not afraid, soon is everything Nastily behind you and the future is bright and friendly,
  • see with a lot of smoke: clouded joy, - also: You do not see clearly yet what is played. Wait.
  • extinguish: good friends will help you,
  • of a house see with bright flames: one can count on something new, maybe at an enterprise that turns to the good,
  • of a house with a lot of dense smoke: the intentions of other people do not become sees through or own plans have not matured yet, - now one should act carefully,

(European ones).:

  • see without smoke: if a piece of luck tells in, - big joy,
  • see burning a house in bright flames: a matter will turn at the last minute, nevertheless, still to the good, or something new appears,
  • the burning house with a lot of dense smoke and smoke: one cannot see through the intentions of the people around around, - own plans and plans have not matured yet,
  • see a fire with smoke: if means quarrel and annoyance,
  • see only smoke: if fright,
  • announces
  • about the dream wake and then again dream: bad premeaning,
  • kindle one: one will protest in vain against an unfavorable fate idiom or fight,
  • see in own flat: if one sees only bright flames without smoke: Improvement of the situation, - with strong production of smoke: the opposite,
  • brand: One does not trust to a new acquaintance. It could be that one is influenced by her in an important thing negatively.
(See also fire, fire brigade, - 'flames', 'dense smoke', 'smoke')

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