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As in the reality the escape stands in the dream for the fact that the dreaming tries to escape from a disagreeable thing. This can be, e.g., the discussion with disagreeable sensations or experiences which should be forgotten as quickly as possible. Feelings of guilt and moral conflicts can play, on this occasion, a role. Possibly he wants to avoid a responsibility or obligation. Escape promises in the easiest case that one will perceive a danger on time and can still escape her. This danger can also come from the own Itself, for example, psychic contents edged out in the unconscious of which one is afraid and which one does not want to position himself, therefore, any more. Importantly for the interpretation it is, before what to whom or which situation the dreaming flees. This certain situation releases strong feelings of the fear and panic in the dreaming that he does not know how to help himself differently than by escape. Such behaviour is on a continuing basis no solution, and the original situation will recur so long, until the dreaming has found another coping strategy. Often it is the fear of itself, before own indecision, the insecurity whether one can assert himself in the struggle of existence. If the escape succeeds in the dream, we have good reason to find the way back, finally, confidentially on own skill to ourselves. If one helps in the dream another in the escape, points out maybe to the fact that one can be often used from good nature.


At the spiritual level the escape stands in the dream for an exceptionally big longing for freedom.



  • flee: you will escape from a mortal danger,
  • somebody in addition help: by your good nature you harvest only ingratitude,
  • others see fleeing: there threatens a serious discussion.


  • an ambivalent omen: Indicates to dream of a successful escape that a way out from present problems is possible, even if first a time of the renunciation and the frustration remains to take in purchase. A fruitless escape symbolises the next heavy and hard time. The person concerned must get through them alone, on the one hand because he has to ascribe the situation to himself, on the other hand because nobody can help him.

(European ones).:

  • way out to go dangers also to thought from the way. Care! also: if means disgrace and disagreeable news of absentees,
  • flee before something: indicates before a bad action to be on the alert, - one will escape from a danger,
  • flee before wild animals and escape: one should pay attention to insidiousness in the closer surroundings, - do not escape: very bad sign,
  • if something before itself flees: arise from a discussion successfully,
  • somebody help to it: one will get as a result of his good nature incommodities,
  • fruitless ones: if means grief,
  • successful ones: the fulfilment of your wishes,
  • Dreaming a young woman of the escape, so her behaviour was questionable, and her darlings will let down them.


  • you will see a menacing danger and you can make way.
(See also flee, obstacle)

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