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Fly (animals)

medicine wheel:

Key words: Normally, - stubbornly, - tiresomely, - tenaciously. Description: Aviation are a big group of insects with only one pair of transparent wings. Like mosquito they have a very disadvantageous respect with the person and sometimes seem for him as one of the perpetual Egyptian plagues thought. Aviation can bring one from the rest, be off sick and be frightfully tiresome. Some of them bite, try to eat human meat, like they also pounce on all other what they can find. Aviation have big eyes which enable to them to perceive everything all around them. Like mosquito aviation succeeds very well in attaining your attention and in directing thus upon the nature. General meaning: A look at the stubborn, tough part of you, - understanding of a tiresome aspect of your nature. Association: Move by the winds, - fast, - stormily, - from something run away, - the fly which one carries around the neck, - trout bait on the fishing. Transcendent meaning: An attempt of a part of you, you as a whole again with the nature, the earth and with that what is natural, to connect.


Aviation are depreciated as a rule as ugly and tiresome, - that they just as the ants play an important role in the process of decay, it is overlooked with pleasure. Aviation in a dream require from the dreaming that he must argue with certain aspects in his life which he holds for exclusively negative which have, however, nevertheless, also a positive side. Because only single insects move aimlessly, an insect dream, nevertheless, not, indicates an aviation dream in the dream that the dreaming is more actual and more effective if he joins in certain situations of a group. Insects of all kind draw the attention of the dreaming as a rule to primary instinctive behaviour which is important to survival. What threatens the dreaming, threatens him at a basic level. Fly often appears with irritated, nervous and moody people who should try then to stabilise her nerves. Other interpretations are possible above all from the following accompanying circumstances in the dream:
    tiresome people or things which we would rather like to forget also however circumscribe
  • aviation.
  • aviation can catch on the fact point out that one has got involved in a useless underpinned and will thereby take damage.
  • flypaper promises either that one will achieve a success without own strains, or warns about too much gullibility with which one threatens to fall for the tricks of others.
  • Many flies in a room can point to informal problems and disputes.
  • one interprets
  • fly in a drink traditionally as a warning of quarrel and annoyance.


At the spiritual level symbolise aviation in the dream soiling and warn about illness.



  • aviation and mosquitoes mean news of enemies and illness, - also: one will deal it with disagreeable people,
  • Dreaming of the emperors, it whirred where he stays, bad news which arrives about his war people grief, worries and bitterness will prepare dreams of aviation and mosquitoes near, for him, - the same interpretation applies for the generals.
  • Dreaming this a pauper or my husband, will approach him misery, illness and a bitter end. If it seems to one as if aviation or mosquitoes crowd in in large amounts in his mouth or in his nostrils, he will experience with torment and pains the setting of enemies.
  • one has
  • of penetrating aviation or mosquitoes in large quantities in an area one, there the inspiration of enemies and the torture of the inhabitants to gewärtigen.
  • see: go for your enemies from the way,
  • many see on a heap: a big frustration approaches you,
  • at the window see: you must count with a cold time,
  • on dishes see: some of your friends are parasites and use you,
  • are swarmed by many: if tells annoyance and incommodities in which originate from Klatschereien
  • catch: remain on the right path, so that you do not come to damage, - also: you are decided, however, you must soon decide,
  • see catching themselves: one should allow to make not nervous from his occupation or his environment,
  • are stung of it: is on the alert for swindlers,
  • beat to death: you know how to meet your enemies, - you can hold disagreeable people from yourself, - also: Signs for the attempt to remove adversities from the way, however, without success!


  • The fly warns the person concerned about the acceptance, his behaviour is not transparent for other. Though the people of his surroundings cannot look by the mask, but they see the mask themselves. The dreaming should pay attention very much to what he says and how he acts because his call stands at stake: Several people already doubt his integrity.

(European ones).:

  • mostly on nervous irritations, - can also be an expression of disagreeable mood, - also: be threatened by a contagious illness or be surrounded by enemies,
  • see: one becomes sad and are offended, - a being close person uses your good nature since some time, one finds out who is it and carries on a conversation, the clear relations create,
  • many see flying around: means that you have violent enemies, they try to slander you and to cheat,
  • catch and kill: registers that one will remain a winner about hostility and Widerwärtigkeiten, - one will remove an opponent,
  • agree in the mouth: one will get to act with a cheeky person,
  • on a flypaper see sticking: if a lot of success promises without big trouble,
  • of A young woman forecasts this symbol to misfortune. If she can kill the flies or expel, it will win back the love of her chosen.


  • want to catch: you will get by own guilt in need,
  • in the room: Subordinates the luck will stand aside,
  • see in a food or a drink: Danger and fright,
  • are bothered by them: Hostility,
  • kill: you will step aside incommodities,
  • many flies see: Discord, - you have enemies.
(See also insects)

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