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fly (state)

Association: - the widespread, most ecstatic dream, - the optimum mixture of control and freedom. Question: - Where in my life I feel this feeling of happiness?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Quick, - specifically, - transcendently, - spiritually, - ethereally, - informality. Description: Tells to fly to reach on the other hand in relatively short time of a place. In the dream this can happen in your own body or, however, as a quickly moving energy. With the dreams in which you experience yourself as a bird or accompany a bird in the flight it is important to find the way out his exterior signs bewußtzumachen and then the suitable bird's kind in reference books or, however, to the better understanding of the dream, to compile the qualities of the animal. General meaning: Really make an experience beyond the body. Association: see aviation (animals), - birds. Transcendent meaning: In your ethereal or spiritual body on the trip go, - a pleasant dream in which you feel free and limitless. Huichol apprenticeship: To mind places travel.


Freud interpreted such visions as erotic desirable images. In a more comprehensive perception they stand for Ungehemmtheit and the freeing from possibly selfcreated limitations. Really the aviation in the dream moves many people into a sort of drunkenness state which was already interpreted in the antiquity as a dear drunkenness and is to be found in almost all mythological images. Nevertheless, this interpretation of a flight dream is secondary, because in the today's time the aviation has become quite an everyday thing, - the dream statement has also thereby changed. If the dreaming flies in his dream upwards, this means that he wants to straighten his life stronger to spiritual points of view, - he flies down, this shows that he turns to his subconscious and takes care of deeper understanding. Flight dreams are very frequent and appear as more frequent with men than with women. They symbolise desire for freedom which is stronger trained with men, than with women. They put generally warning sign, particularly if the dreamer himself flies like a bird, so without aid. The modern dream research evaluates the aviation as a dangerous Übersteigerung of the self-confidence., For the rest, the conclusion can be drawn that the aviation already encloses the later traps by big height, - translates: Only too easily somebody can fall with a high-altitude flight and fall in the bottomless Nothing. On the other side the soul of the flight dreamer's wing can agree and be detached from all earth gravity. Who flies without aircraft and seems to be a long way off about the dreamscape dahinschwebt, in the awake life with his thought and to close mind compared with the realities of the life. One would like to rise about the present relations, maybe also before them take the flight without having to exert itself for it. If one falls with the aviation, one will fail with a plan because the aims are too pinned up. The Egyptians thought that somebody who flies away in the dream finds the way out from a tricky situation.


At this level stands fly for spiritual freedom.


To fly with wings, is favorable for everybody without exception. Slaves will attain the freedom after this dream experience because all flying birds are without man and have no master about themselves. Arms will acquire a lot of money, - then like the money the people emporträgt, thus also the wings the birds. It gets rich and high-powered men state offices, - as the birds about the creatures creeping on the ground are elated, according to the governing about the citizens. To fly without wing and in big distance of the surface of the earth means to the dreaming danger and fright. (To Sueton (Caesar, cape. 81.7) this dreamt at night of his murder that he floats sometimes over the clouds.) Flying round brick roofs, houses and crossroads prophesies confusion and concerns of the soul. To fly skywards in the dream, indicates slaves, in any case that they move to richer houses, often also that they will come to the imperial court. Against it I made with open air often the experience that they themselves had to travel against her will to Italy, - then like the sky the seat of the gods is, Italy is the seat of the emperors. It discovers people however, who want to remain concealed and hide, - then all things in the sky are visible and are good for everybody to perceive. With birds indicates to fly, one will move among people of foreign tongue (language) among foreigners. For malefactors it is a bad sign, - then those have with punishment to count often on crucifixion. If one flies neither much too remotely from the surface of the earth after the much too close, but in such a way that one can well perceive what proceeds on the earth, it announces a trip and local changes. Now the dreaming from the things which he looks on the earth can open it what will happen to him everything on the trip. Thus, e.g., levels, grain fields, towns, villages, farms and everything of human hand promise created, further nice rivers, lakes, a quiet sea, harbours, with favorable wind dahinsegelnde ships, all this in the dream looked, a happy trip. Against it announce gulches, mountain gaps, valleys, rocks, wild animals, tearing streams, mountains and gruff slopes nothing but Widerwärtigkeiten on the trip. Always it is a good sign when one reaches after a flight again to the earth and awakes thus, best of all, however, it is if one flies just as one likes and stops just as one likes with it, - it forecasts big ease and smooth winding up in the shops. If one is pursued with the aviation by a wild animal, a person or a demon, this is a bad sign, - it brings on big frights and dangers, - then in the dream the fear was so mighty that one believed, the earth does not offer enough protection for an escaped, and so one tried to reach the sky. Luck brings it to slaves if he flies around in the house of his man, - he will surpass many in the house. If he flies beyond the house, he will leave after days of the luck as a dead person the house, if he flew out by the court, - if by the gate entrance, as a sold, if by a window, as a runaway. Backward fly is for one which goes to the sea or wants to start a sea voyage, no bad portent, - for usual the people lie aboard on the back if they are not struck by a storm. It indicates all others idleness, - one says, as everybody knows, from inactive people, they would lie on the back. It heaps sick person away. In worst of all and worst it is, - to want to fly and are not able to do it, or if one already flies, the head against the earth to have turned the feet heavenward - it prophesies to the dreaming many bad strokes of fate. A sick person will die in which situation he also flies, - then one says that the souls, separate by the body, with an unusual quickness and, so to speak, climb like birds in the sky. Against it the people who pursue a seated craft will give up her employment, so that they become slightly movable because of the aviation and do not remain any more on her chairs. Tied up ones are released from chains, - then a flying is free on feet and hands. Many also went blind, - blind people resemble because flying because they always fear to fall. If one sits with the aviation on a footstool, on a bank, on a rest bed or on a similar piece of furniture, one will go through a long Siechtum or be paralyzed because one is not able to move on the earth. However, the dream experience is for one which wants to go on travelling, by no means unfavorably, - he will start with his whole family and his property the trip or go also to carriage. E.g., one dreamt it, he swings himself into the winds and flies from free decision to a preput point which he absolutely wanted to reach. There come, it seemed to him, as if wings were up to him grown and he with the birds and flies away, and then he has returned again home. It met that he left the native country because of the flight, and because he had not missed the aim any more, his enterprises which pursued he with big energy concluded successfully. After acquisition of a stately property. One calls the empires the inspired - and after a stay away from home - then the birds are from other blow than us people - he sat down again in the native country. It dreamt somebody who stayed in Rome, he flies close along the roofs round the town, is quite proud of the ease of the aviation and is admired by all which watched him, - before strain, however, and as a result of heart trouble he hears on to fly and hid from shame. Admires and in the call of an excellent seer he lived as a respectable personality in the town and acquired not only recognition, but also a stately property. However, he took neither in the Weissagekunst nor in his income right pleasure, - then his wife left him schmählich in sting, so that he left the town from pained sense of honour. It dreamt one, he wants to fly off, however, becomes from a friend - this was called Julius - in it hindered because that held on him on the right foot, - the man wanted to move from Rome. He had already met all holiday preparations - there was to be remained just at the beginning of the July when an unforeseen fact forced him. However, it was no stay on a continuing basis because that who held on him was his friend.



  • to dream, one flies like a bird without wing in the winds to and fro, high respect and rank and dignity promises, - the emperor has this face, he will achieve all his aims which he has put to himself during the war or, otherwise. Dreams to him, he flies heavenward where the stars stand, he will excel the other rulers in Highness and name, - he hears there on top the stars talking or he reads there character and he remembers the words, he holds on everything what he has heard or has read, irrefutably, also he will live long according to the height which he reached, - he speaks of the earth with the stars or he reads in the sky character, the dream will take the same exit for him.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he rises heavenward and sits down there, he will win a bigger country than he owns, - it seems to him as if he has there on top a palace, he will subject the bigger, foreign country and take in possession and take there his residence, - he stumbles with the rise and he falls down, he will lose his rule and die, - he jumps from place to place intrepidly and with pleasure, he will travel from place to place with pleasure, - he jumps to full fear, will undertake he perilous campaign and campaign. If an easy man or a pauper dreams this, is less menacing and unfavorable than described.
  • by the air: Luck and hopeful future, - also: one should allow to examine his heart of a doctor, because this feeling is often a sign of heart disturbances,
  • Li>
  • float above a narrow staircase: you take obstacles with ease,
  • Li>
  • about person: look not after irritating speeches of your people, but save to clarify you, you to filling things and employments,
  • Li>
  • very high about other people hinwegfliegen: one has soaringly unrealistic plans,
  • Li> (near)
  • about the ground: one has the wish for life security,
  • Li>
  • about countries and seas away: Longing for unrestricted freedom,
  • Li>
  • with wing: Luck in all situations, - one will get considerably closer to a distant aim, must use in addition, nevertheless, his whole forces,
  • Li>
  • in the flight the wings lose: Danger is in the suit, - fear of a disgrace,
  • Li>
  • a wide distance: you will experience pleasant days,
  • Li>
  • against the sky (up): if a trip, for domestics means the death,
  • Li> to luck, - for sick people besides,
  • fall down: Incommodities experience, - you have far brought it in the life, however, Li> protects you with envy and envy,
  • fall: an unhappy chance will help in all difficulties, - somebody wants to damage you in the occupation,
  • Li>
  • want to and not be able: there threaten bad strokes of fate,
  • Li>
  • for spouses: one would like to get away from the connection of the marriage.

(European ones).:

  • in the airplane: a starting plan will not succeed and bring in addition damage,
  • Li>
  • high and far out without wing: if means luck, success and spirit of enterprise,
  • Li>
  • see themselves high about other people hinwegfliegen: one has soaringly plans which are not always practicable, nevertheless,
  • Li>
  • young man with white wings about green foliage flying: in the occupation climb up, - also have in the dear success, - it seems to him often: Signs for rising prosperity and the fulfilment of wishes, - if the trees are bald or dead: with the achievement of his aims must count on obstacles, the strains will bring only small success,
  • Li>
  • and even black wings have: if brings grief, - one is disappointed bitterly,
  • Li>
  • fly by the universe: if misfortune promises in the marriage,
  • Li>
  • in the sky float between strange faces and animals: by jealousy will happen to big pain and grief, - own love and loyalty will remain on the distance,
  • Li>
  • fly low and almost about the ground: points to illnesses and restlessness states from which one recovers, however, - one felt the wish to mark out the life and the future
  • Li>
  • about countries and seas way there aviation: Symbol of the longing for limitless freedom, - with married couples means it the wish for resolution of the respect,
  • Li>
  • about dirty waters fly: One should keep warning dream, - private matters for himself, because enemies to one want to ensnare,
  • Li>
  • about a destroyed area to fly: if means misfortune, - if one notes green trees and plant growth during the flight, one will come to embarrassment, - however, one will attain big wealth, - besides, see the sun: one gives himself unnecessary troubles,
  • Li>
  • in the firmament, in the moon and other planets fly past: signalled hunger, war and difficulties of all kind,
  • Li>
  • sudden case with the aviation: lets us experience disappointments, - ruin announces, - besides, wake: everything will turn to the good,
  • Li> besides,
  • fall off: one will be dragged onto a bad matter,
  • Li>
  • see somebody: if brings jealousy,
  • Li>
  • with the aerial balloon: Wishes will come true,
  • Li>
  • If a woman believes, she flies from a town to others and would sit down on steeples, she will have to assert herself against many wrong accusations and declarations of love. There threaten her illnesses and the death of a being close person. If a woman is fired during the flight, this is called that her enemies try to prevent her rise in higher spheres of the use and the prosperity.
  • experience a heartening flight: one has ignored successfully something,
  • Li>
  • an oppressive flight experience as a pursuit dream: if an organic suffering registers (heart and circulation),
  • Li>


  • Dreaming one, he flies in the width from place to place, he will go on travelling, climb up and earn so much money as he reached in the flight in height, - also the trip will run well or badly, depending on the aviation proceeded willy nilly. Jumps from place to place, he keeps to the same interpretation, only this is less favorable.
  • Precipitously upwards to fly damage and a quick end prophesies, - one dreams, he is carried directly in the sky up and strives himself to seize him with the hands, his downfall will be harder and quicker, - it seems to him as if he comes by the sky through, he will soon also die and be robbed before his death still of the senses.
  • carrying
  • Becoming from place to place upwards, he will give up fast his occupation and seize another, worse or improve, according to the state and situation of the places, namely without obstacles.
  • and, besides, fall: you have luck in your enterprises, however, is not too proud.
(See also airplane, sky, trip, jumping)

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