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Fall / fall


The falls in the dream point to a loss which can refer either to the dreaming, other people or things. Then the whole dream gives explanation about whether one has wrong estimated other people, situations, things or even itself and falls out now from his former setting virtually. However, the fall can also symbolise much too big optimism or arrogance. One deeply falls, also arrogance comes before the case. The situation often shines drop Themselves, without one would have in addition, actually, reason. A fall from big height or an airplane sometimes shows that the dreaming went away from the life reality or falls again on the ground of the facts. If other fall in the dream, the tips can give to it from which side losses threaten.


(European ones).:

  • even: it will offer itself shortly a possibility to get rid of all difficulties and to get an impetus.
(See also abyss, traps)

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